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Alpha was created to fulfill the needs of real men, seeking real solutions to their problems. We’re not here to sugar coat your situation, or show you pictures of men 30 years younger - that’s not how this works. What we can do, is help you feel 30 years younger, by controlling the natural progression of aging and how it affects your body.

When Henry Ford's first Model-T was just about to be rolled off the assembly line, the average male was married with children by age 25. That same man died at the young age of 47. Today, the average male can expect to see his eighties. For Alpha Males, it's not just about living longer, it's about living as vibrantly and with as much vitality as when we were in our 20's.

We’re told things get better with age...bourbon, cars, fine leather...but those rules don’t always apply to us. Mother Nature’s plan for us has remained unchanged since 1907. Our bodies don’t work the way they did when we were 25, but modern medicine has added decades to our life span.

Alpha is for the men who expect more out of life and demand control over their bodies.

That’s why at Alpha, we’ve created an all encompassing place that promotes a wealth of knowledge, as well as proven treatment options for the most sensitive symptoms of aging. Our goal is to make treatment simple, meaning no going to the doctor, and no paying retail prices. By joining the millions of men already taking control of their lives, you too can regain your Alpha status.

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