7 Facts About Diabetes & ED

7 Facts About Diabetes And Erectile Dysfunction You Need To Know

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Did you know that men with diabetes are 3.5 times more likely to struggle with erectile dysfunction than men who don’t have diabetes?

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction go hand-in-hand to a point where there’s evidence that ED could be an indicator of pre-diagnosis diabetes.

If you are a diabetic man who wants to know how to get stronger erections, then you need to know these seven facts about diabetes and ED.

1. Erectile Dysfunction is Common in Men with Diabetes

Men struggling with erectile dysfunction and diabetes may feel alone in their struggle. But not only is ED a common issue faced by diabetic men, but it’s also incredibly prevalent.

Over 50 percent of men with type 2 diabetes also struggle with ED. One study found ED in 65 percent of men with type 2 diabetes. The risk increases in men over 60 and in men with type 2 compared to type 1 diabetes.

New recommendations suggest that general physicians should screen all male diabetes patients for risk of ED. Additionally, findings show that many men already have ED when they receive their diabetes diagnosis. Some speculate that ED could even be an early indicator of diabetes that’s gone undiagnosed.

2. Blood Sugar Control Matters for Sexual Health

Men who have diabetes have issues with their blood sugar control, and this contributes to ED.

Poor control of your blood sugar causes damage to your blood vessels. It can cause damage to the vessels that allow you to achieve and sustain an erection.

If you combine diabetes with other blood vessel busting lifestyle issues, like smoking or a lack of exercise, the risk grows even higher. Science shows that diabetic people also tend to present health problems like obesity and hypertension, which can also lead to ED.

3. Stress About Your Health, Diabetes, or ED Makes It Worse

Stress and other psychological issues contribute to a lower sex drive. But they can even impact your ability to get an erection when your sex drive feels normal.

The stress of learning to live with diabetes, understanding a new health crisis, or even the stress of your ED further contribute to your problem.

Increased levels of stress also lead to a higher risk of other conditions that impact your ED. If you struggle with high levels of stress, you also put yourself at risk for:

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Obesity

Because all these also harm your cardiovascular system, managing your stress is incredibly important.

4. Alcohol Doesn’t Help

If you have diabetes (type 1 or 2) and ED, then alcohol is not your friend.

Alcohol has adverse effects on both your blood sugar and ED. Scientific evidence shows that chronic or persistent use of alcohol brings on sexual dysfunction. One or two drinks a day doesn’t do too much damage, but drinking that veers closer to addiction can leave up to 72 percent of men with one or more types of sexual dysfunction.

Then, drinking alcohol impacts your diabetes by playing with your blood sugar. It can send your blood soaring or cause them to plummet. Neither is suitable for the ultimate goal of controlling your blood sugar. 

Why does alcohol have such a damaging effect? Moderate amounts of alcohol raise your blood sugar, but excess can lead it to drop dangerously. It also stimulates your appetite and the food you eat also changes your blood sugar. You may also make more unfortunate food choices when under the influence, and alcohol can interfere with insulin or oral diabetes medications.

Until you have your diabetes under control and you find a solution for ED, then you need to stay away from alcohol.

5. Control Your Diabetes to Control Your Erections

ED can be a complication of diabetes, and like all complications, even managing your diabetes can’t prevent all the associated problems.

However, following your doctor’s advice and working towards adequate blood sugar control lowers your risk of vascular complications. When you minimize the risk of circulatory problems, both your general health and your ED will benefit.

6. Medications are Available

Medication used to treat ED are more effective and easier to use than ever.

You likely know brand names like Viagra or Cialis, but the generic drugs themselves are called Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Understanding the difference will help you choose the one that makes the most sense for you and your sex life.

Sildenafil (brand name: Viagra) is the pill you take in the minutes or hours before you have sex. Take it on its own an hour before game time, and it will help you achieve and maintain an erection when you’re ready to play.

If you like spontaneous sex and have sex regularly (a few times a week or more), then you might try Tadalafil (brand name: Cialis). You’ll take smaller doses of Tadalafil, but it lingers in your system. When you follow the instructions, you’ll always be ready for showtime.

Along with proper diabetes management, these medications will be your first port of call when treating ED. And for most men, they work.

7. ED is a Risk, but It Doesn’t Have to Be Forever

Men, particularly older men, with diabetes see an increased risk of ED. Over half of all men in your shoes struggle with it.

But just because you have a higher risk of ED doesn’t mean it has to change your sex life forever. Taking control of your health and following your doctor’s recommendations can help you regain control of your sex life.

Manage Your Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Simultaneously

Diabetes and erectile dysfunction end to go hand-in-hand. If you have diabetes or are newly diagnosed, then you need to know that ED isn’t just uncommon. Over half of men will struggle with it at some point.

Your first port of call is to get your diabetes under control to protect your health and cardiovascular system. Then, it may be time to try ED meds.

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