Cure Erectile Dysfunction

9 Ways To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally And Permanently

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Over 30 million men in the U.S. have Erectile Dysfunction with a higher percentage in men over 40 years old. Most of these men have opted for Viagra or Cialis as a treatment for their sexual dysfunctions.

However, there are numerous other methods for treating erectile dysfunction from herbal medication to lifestyle changes. Most herbal remedies are known to have either mild or severe side effects.

They often address one cause of erectile dysfunction, not all. Considering ED invokes encompasses hormonal imbalances, you may end up needing more than three prescriptions to balance all the necessary hormones.

However, lifestyle changes have been a great route to take in the process of curing ED. They may require a lot of sacrifice and discipline, but they assure permanent results.

Here’s the truth. Although it’s very common, erectile dysfunction can cause embarrassment for most individuals. If you’re looking for more permanent cures than the temporary relief of most ED treatments such as pills, then there are 9 primary changes to embrace.

1. Quit Smoking Cigarettes

As you may know, ED is caused by an inadequate arterial blood supply in the penis, causing brief to no erections. When you smoke regularly, you continue to damage your blood vessels. Cigarettes contain chemicals that injure the walls of your blood vessels, and these chemicals can also injure your heart and lungs, among other organs.

While ED is known to be common in men above 40, it’s possible to occur in men below 40, mostly those with smoking tendencies. Smoking is relatively addictive, hence making it hard to “reduce” smoking. The best thing to do is to stop smoking cigarettes completely.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercising is known to prevent the body from many ailments, and erectile dysfunction is one of them. Your body needs to be active and fit for blood to flow throughout each organ easily.

Exercising may mean walking 2 miles each day, cycling, aerobics, running or jogging, going to the gym, skipping rope, and many others. Try mostly working the muscles around the pelvic region.

During exercises, the brain will produce a substance called endorphin, known to stimulate the release of sex hormones. This is an excellent remedy for low libido or low sex drive. These hormones come as package solutions for lowering blood pressure, reducing heart rate, and lowering cortisol levels among others, which highly rectify ED.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

While you may be a foodie or a junk fanatic, it doesn’t help your body or immune system in any way. If you’re suffering from ED, you’re hurting yourself with the wrong diet plans, and if you don’t already have ED, you’re increasing your chances of developing it.

Bad eating habits may cause heart problems, obesity, or cause diabetes, which are all causes of ED. Vascular diseases will affect blood flow causing ED or even worse, a stroke! You don’t need to be overweight to get on a healthy diet; you can start today and avoid ED at all costs.

4. Avoid Stress or See a Therapist

Psychological stress is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction. Stress, anxiety or depression may be as a result of work issues, grief, relationship issues, and financial struggles.

To rectify ED caused by any other mentioned situation, either find a solution to your problem or be patient until everything works out. You may want to rush an outcome that will eventually happen, learn to distract your mind off the things that are out of your control.

If a situation is deeply eating your brain, and you’re not able to assume it or solve it, see a therapist who’ll help ease the stress. Working out also helps get rid of stressful situations. It’s also advisable to have a friend or partner with whom you can share your problems; meaning you have a fresh brain that can help you think of better solutions to those problems.

5. Engage in Sexual Activities

Avoiding sexual activities will not increase your chances of fixing erectile dysfunction. You’ll have to keep trying to show your brain you actually desire sex. The brain does what it thinks you want, so if you act like you don’t want sex, then it will successfully help you not get a sexual mindset!

Another thing is trying out different sexual activities with your partner. This means that you will have to discuss the situation with your partner. Maybe you want some excitement in your sexual life. Do something fun with your partner to bond more, get playful and spontaneous, and try out role-playing, among other fun activities.

It’s also helpful to discuss your sex life in general with your partner to let her know what you like and learn more about what she wants during sex. Sex becomes more satisfying when honesty and openness are included. Once you see your partner enjoying every sexual moment with you, your brain will remain stimulated and increase your libido.

In some situations, erectile dysfunction is a result of not being able to connect with your partner. Hence, talking about it will come in handy.

6. Be Patient with Medication

It’s essential to not only get medication or supplements but more so to be devout when taking them. By this we mean, whatever medication a professional has prescribed you, you have to take as per prescription. If your prescription reads two pills three times a day, it means you divide the number of times to take the pills by the total hours in a day. 

In this case, every 8 hours, take the pill. Do not overdose, and do not underdose; eat enough to give your body energy to sustain the tablets effectively. If you take the medication as prescribed, you will be able to cure ED fast.

In case you are suffering from other conditions like heart problems or diabetes and the like, ED medication might worsen your condition or react negatively with other medicines you might be taking. This is why it’s vital to consult your doctor for every ED medication prescribed to you.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Yes, you are excited about working all day all night, what you don’t know is as you deprive yourself of sleep, you are in turn, killing your sex life. If you’re done with dinner and washing the dishes, go to bed and stop looking for a reason to stay awake.

In the case of insomnia, due to stress, visit a doctor or therapist. Sleep deprivation can be a result of a bunch of other things, including anxiety and weight gain or health conditions like headaches.

Not sleeping enough will lead to lack of energy. Your brain is not taking a rest, and neither is your body, hence decreasing testosterone levels, which in turn leads to low libido. This situation gets worse with men suffering from sleep apnea, which is a condition whereby they’re unable to breathe during sleep properly. 

When you are fatigued, you somehow become grumpy and easily quarrel with everyone about the slightest avoidable issue that occurs. This will put a strain in your relationship as you find yourself disagreeing with your partner quite often.

Most of these occur involuntarily but damages a relationship leaving no sexual interests available! It’s crucial to spot whatever is interfering with your sleep and sort it out urgently before it develops into chronic sleep loss or ruins your social and sex life.

8. Be Health Conscious

The body always shows a lot of signs when we are about to fall sick or when it requires a particular type of attention. Be more conscious of your health and body changes.

Does your skin look pale? Are you getting constant headaches?

Do you feel hungry every time you eat or are you craving certain meals?

Serve your body with what it requires. However, be careful not to give it harmful solutions. Your health condition will cause or increase erectile dysfunction, so don’t allow health conditions to escalate by ignoring signs and symptoms.

Get regular checkups to ensure everything is great with your health and when something isn’t, address it with immediate effect. When you maintain a healthy body, meaning both physically and mentally, you can say goodbye to erectile dysfunction for good.

9. Lose Weight

As earlier mentioned, obesity is one of the significant causes of erectile dysfunction, which means losing weight will rectify the condition. Harvard states that a man with a waistline of 42 inches is 50% more likely to have erectile dysfunction.

Solution? Keep your waistline around 32 inches by losing weight. There’s also a psychological attachment to a large-sized body. Such men tend to feel insecure about their weight making them stressed or even worse, depressed.

Other men may not feel comfortable getting naked in front of a new partner, increasing the chances of erectile dysfunction. As much as you’re always advised to feel comfortable in your skin, it’s practically impossible when your weight is not where you’d like it to be.

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