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7 Amazing Aphrodisiac Essential Oils To Help Erectile Dysfunction

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If you’re looking for alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction, you may want to try these aphrodisiac essential oils.

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Get in the Mood for Love with These 7 Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

What are “aphrodisiac” essential oils? These are compounds that capture a plant’s flavor and scent. Using essential oils can help reduce anxiety and relieve stress related to erectile dysfunction (ED).

1. Rose Oil

Rose essential oil may help relieve symptoms of depression and promote relaxation. Apart from this, it may also help protect your swimmers.

Rats that were made to inhale rose oil and then formaldehyde didn’t experience the harmful effects of the latter compound, which include low sperm quality and testosterone levels.

Remember, testosterone is the primary sex hormone, and it plays a vital role in regulating your libido. So the next time you want to get kinky in the bedroom, you may want to try adding a few drops of rose oil in your electric diffuser.

2. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil on its own is relaxing and can help reduce anxiety. On top of that, it also helped reduce the harmful effects of formaldehyde in rats in a separate lab study.

When you combine lavender with other scents or oils, it gains more interesting aphrodisiac effects.

One strange combination is the scents of lavender and pumpkin pie. When a group of researchers made participants smell lavender and pumpkin pies, it increased their penile blood flow by 40%.

Another scent combination you may want to try is lavender and rosemary.

In another animal study, hydrodistilled lavender and rosemary essential oils helped protect against oxidative stress and reproductive function damage. They also helped improve sperm quality and testosterone levels.

Go ahead and sprinkle lavender oil on your pillowcases and bedsheets. You may be surprised to experience more than its relaxing effects.

3. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang ylang is a tropical tree from Madagascar, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and it offers a few benefits that may help with ED symptoms.

It has a sweet, fruity, and floral scent. Plus, it is known as a natural antidepressant with euphoric properties that help enhance well-being and improve self-esteem.

To use ylang ylang oil as an aphrodisiac, add a few drops to a carrier oil like coconut or avocado oil. After mixing it well, you can rub some on your neck or wrist.

Tip: Always dilute essential oils in carrier oils before applying them on the skin. Otherwise, they may irritate your skin.

4. Sweet Basil Oil

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Strengthen fertility with sweet basil oil.

Basil isn’t just a delicious herb, but it may be one of the great aphrodisiac essential oils for ED. Basil extract may aid in the improvement of sperm viability, motility, and count, according to a 40-day study mentioned in a research paper called A Review on Medicinal Plants Used for Improvement of Spermatogenesis.

It also helps protect against the harmful effects of oxidative stress and reduce the negative effects of toxic heavy metals on the testicles.

Holy basil oil or tulsi also has anti-anxiety properties that may help ease the psychological effects of ED.

To use this aphrodisiac essential oil, apply a few diluted drops on your abdomen or back. Then, place a warm or cold compress on top of it for 15-20 minutes.

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5. Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon may improve sexual function because it offers the following benefits:

  • Increases testes weight
  • Expands seminal vesicles
  • Improves sperm count, motility, and viability
  • Increases testosterone levels

Cinnamon bark oil can help stimulate certain hormones, which may help improve your libido. It also has properties that help protect the male reproductive system.

Spray cinnamon essential oil around your bedroom. It not only offers a comforting scent, but it may also help get you some action.

6. Clove and Nutmeg Essential Oil

Another interesting aphrodisiac essential oil combination you might want to try is clove and nutmeg. An animal study showed that nutmeg and clove extracts increased sexual activities in subject rats.

There was an increase in their mounting behavior, which eventually improved their performance in mating. The researchers believed that both nutmeg and clove stimulated the nervous system in a way that promoted sexual behavior.

On a separate but related note, 50% ethanolic extract of nutmeg has been found to increase potency and libido in male rate subjects.

Both clove and nutmeg essential oils can be used as aromatics. Just add a few drops of each oil in your favorite diffuser, and you’re good to go.

Tip: If you’re not ready to invest in an electric diffuser, you can try a candle diffuser. It won’t only make your room smell great, but it also creates a romantic ambient mood.

7. Ginger Oil

Ginger is a potent spice. If you’ve ever tried cooking with it, you know it can add a punchy flavor to any dish.

It may surprise you to find that its uses may go beyond the kitchen. It might even reach your bedroom.

In one animal study mentioned in the research A Review on Medicinal Plants Used for Improvement of Spermatogenesis, the ginger extract had an impact on the hormonal activity of rats and sperm concentration and function.

You can use ginger essential oil as a topical agent. If you’re not a fan of spreading oils all over yourself (it can get pretty messy), you can add a few drops of ginger oil to an unscented lotion instead.

Tip: Use some of this when giving your partner a massage and maybe it’ll lead to something sexier.

Can you use essential oils for sex? Aphrodisiac essential oils seem to offer some promising benefits, but researchers need to do more studies to conclusively say that they are an effective means of treating ED.

For now, try to see it as a low-risk complementary treatment for ED rather than adopting it as your primary treatment plan. If you’re serious about treating ED, it’s best to stick with FDA-approved, proven treatment options, such as tadalafil and sildenafil.

These are two oral medications that can help improve ED symptoms. Both these drugs help men achieve and maintain erections, but the onset of their effects are different.

You can take tadalafil once a day, and it remains in your system for about 36 hours. On the other hand, sildenafil is more immediate, and you’ll usually notice its effects within an hour of popping a pill.

Remember, you deserve a satisfying sex life. So when it comes to ED, it’s best to go for treatments that work.

Have you used any of these essential oils for their aphrodisiac effects? How did it go? Let us know in the comments section below.

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