3 Ways You Can Break Your Penis

3 Ways You Can Break Your Penis

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When it comes to male masculinity, the penis is most certainly at the forefront. It’s the personification of a man. His livelihood, if you will. Because, without it, some can argue that the ego and the man himself, ceases to exist. Well, maybe not quite. But you get the picture, right? So, here’s the question. Can you actually break your penis? And is that really a thing?

Now, if you’re squeamish, then you might not want to read on. But if you can tough it out, then be our guests. Because, here’s the thing. Your penis can actually be broken. Yes. This really is a thing (no pun intended). And it’s defiitely as excruciating as it sounds. So, since so many of you have asked this question, we’re here to give you a compete rundown of what a broken penis really entails, just what it sounds like, and more gruesome details.

Look. No one wants to think about their penis breaking. It’s a horrific thought to say the least. But, knowing what it is and what it sounds like can help you in a situation when you might actually need to head to the emergency room. Yes, it could be the most embarrassing situation of your life. But this information could also save your life (and your future ability to produce any offspring).

How Does The Penis Work?

Before understanding just how a penis can break, you should probably better understand just how the penis works. In fact, most of us have no idea how it operates, nor are we able to identify the various parts of the penis. And contrary to most popular opinion, the penis is not a bone nor is it cartilage. The penis is very much a muscle, made up of smooth tissue.

That tissue carries numerous blood vessels that help supply the penis with blood flow. In fact, in order to get and maintain an erection, the male penis requires six times the regular blood flow. Yes. Six times. And without it, the possibility of an erection is lost. This occurs for nearly 50% of all men who experience something called erectile dysfunction (also known as ED).

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The increased blood flow to the penis allows it to get erect. However, considering that there is tissue that can virtually expand endlessly in the penis, there has to be something to constrict that expansion. That’s what we call the tunica albuginea, which is made up of elastin and collagen. The tunica albuginea encompasses the corpus sponiosum and the corpus cavernosum.

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However, the important thing to note is that the tunica albuginea is what provides rigidity to the penis. It’s also what allows a man to actually have sex with a partner by maintaining an erection. The veins that are involved in the erection (including the deep dorsal vein, two cavernosal veins, and four para-arterial veins) are prevented from draining out the blood flow by the Buck’s (deep) fascia.

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For that reason, the tunica albuginea has to be incredibly strong. Since it’s responsible for penetration in sex and the maintenance of the erection, without that strength it would fail to function. Keep in mind that the blood vessels in the penis are incredibly strong and resilient. If you compare them to the blood vessels in the brain, they can handle roughly 9 times more blood flow.

How Much Pressure Can Your Penis Withstand?

Evolution has allowed the penis to become incredibly strong. In fact, it must be. It’s a resilient part of the male anatomy, one that can take and bear an extensive amount of pressure. However, all things have a breaking point. And the penis is no different to that. But how much pressure can the tunica albuginea bear before you can actually break your penis?

That’s the question that most people ask. And, with that being said, how do you actually know if your penis is broken? What does it feel like and what does it sound like? Yes, it is as excruciating as it might seem and this definitely is not for the faint of heart. But you have to be able to know when there’s a problem in order to actually address it. In fact, if you don’t address it, you could have lifelong issues and permanent disability of your penis.

Keep in mind that when your penis is erect, it is more likely to break. Why? Because, in that state of erection, when blood is flowing fiercely within the cavernous tissue of the penis, it’s easier to snap. Keep in mind, it’s not a bone. But your penis can and will break if you place it under enough pressure. You’ll hear a sudden and very loud popping noise when it happens. And if it does, it is major cause for concern.

How Do You Know If Your Penis Broke?

Aside from hearing a very sudden and loud pop, there are other indicators of a broken penis. For example, if you do happen to break your penis, you’ll lose your erection very suddenly. It will disappear faster than you’ve ever lost an erection before. You’ll also experience monumental amounts of pain followed by severe welling and extreme bruising.

If it sounds awful. It is. It’s nothing short of one of t\he most excruciating experiences of your life. In some of these instances, when you break your penis, you can actually tear the blood vessels inside the penis, which is extreme cause for alarm. Can it be fixed? Possibly with surgery. Yes. It can. But it must be addressed immediately. As embarrassing as it might be, if you don’t have a qualified doctor or surgeon look at it, you could face lifelong erectile dysfunction.

In other words, a broken penis can lead to lifelong disabilities. Not only the disability to have sex, but also the disability to have children. In the medical world, this is actually called penile fracture. However, it is not something that’s very common. However, it often happens during either aggressive sex or aggressive masturbation. Now, while there are many ways that a penis can break while doing this, there are two sex positions that are the primary culprit.

1. Woman On Top During Sex

One of the leading causes of a broken penis occurs during sex with a woman on top. That’s according to this study performed in Brazil. The study determined that heterosexual sex was the leading cause of penile fracture. And the leading position in heterosexual sex that caused this to occur was having the woman on top.

However, the good news is that all of the fractures that were analyzed in study were actually repaired through emergency surgery. That’s the good news. So, yes, your broken penis can be fixed as long as you seek immediate medical attention. That doesn’t guarantee it. But it does bring some calm to a rather shaky topic.

2. Doggy Style Sex

The second leading cause of sex was actually the doggy style position. While it might seem contrary to belief, this was actually the second most common cause of a broken penis in the study that analyzed 44 cases of penile fracture. In this position, the man is behind the woman who is positioned in a “doggy style” position.

Being in this position, you wouldn’t think that a penis can actually break. However, during aggressive sex, the chances of this happening are heightened. However, as the saying goes, the heat of the moment can certainly burn you for a lifetime. While it is no laughing matter, it is a cautionary tale to be careful during sex in any position, but especially these positions.

3. Penile Manipulation (Masturbation)

The third leading cause of a broken penis was actually penile manipulation (also known as masturbation). When there are aggressive forms of masturbation, it’s very easy to hurt yourself. Pay particular attention to the amount of force exerted during penile manipulation. Otherwise, you could end up in the emergency room. If you hear a loud pop followed by sudden and severe pain and immediate shrinkage of an erection, there is cause for alarm.

How To Repair A Broken Penis

In the study, the woman on top position posed to be the most common form of the broken penis. That’s because the woman has control on top and oftentimes, when penile fractures occur, there is less pressure exerted on the woman than there is on the man. For that reason, it’s easy for injury to occur to the man as opposed to the woman.

However, either way you look at it, no matter what led to the situation of a broken penis, repairing it should certainly become the most important thing at the forefront of anyone’s mind. Considering that penises can be repaired in most situations, there is some comfort that comes to mind in these extreme cases. But how do you go about diagnosing, and then repairing, a broken penis? What’s the actual process?

The first step is to visit your doctor or an emergency care facility. You’ll need to undergo an examination. But you’ll also need to detail out the circumstances involving the penile fracture. That includes going into oftentimes embarrassing detail. That’s necessary for the doctor to truly determine if you’re dealing with a broken penis or not.

However, there are actual tests that you can undergo as well. One in partciular is a special kind of X-ray. Namely, the cavernosography. It’s conducted by first injection a special type of dye into your penis. That dye fills the blood vessels up so that they can better appear on the cavernosography.

That helps to determine whether blood vessels have been ruptured or torn apart. However, that’s not the only type of diagnosis tool available for determining penile fracture. Others include an actual ultrasound of your penis. This exams the inner workings and structure integrity of the penis by using ultrasound waves. However, this can also be done by using an MRI (magetic resonance imaging), which uses radio waves instead of sound waves.

All of these help to create a detailed picture of penis to the doctor, helping them to diagnose your particular situation. However, there are other tests aside from these as well. Specialized tests were created that help to check the urinary tract for damage to the urethra. This also includes injecting dyes prior to an X-ray, which help to illuminate the blood vessels under such tests to determine breakage and fractures.

Recovering From Penile Fracture

If you’re worried about whether you’ll break your penis or not, you should be careful during both sex and masturbation. But especially when it comes to woman-on-top positions and other aggressive forms of sex and penile manipulation. While this might not be something at the forefront of your mind, especially during sex, it’s something that should give you cause for concern.

If you do undergo surgery as treatment for a broken penis, recovery will be a painful process. First of all, it will require a stay of 3 to 5 days in a hospital. That in and of itself can prove costly, especially if you’re not covered by medical insurance. However, the surgery itself will also be a costly procedure. So keep that in mind.

The actual recovery period of surgery after a broken penis can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months. It’s an entire healing process that’s involved here. The veins and the blood flow in the penis have to be carefully examined to determine the pace of healing that’s occurring. That could be slower in some people than in others all depending on the individual’s unique body composition and healing processes.

This also will limit your ability to have sex afterwards. In fact, you’ll most likely be banned from any type of sexual behavior for at least one or two months past surgery. And, even then, it would only be advised under extreme cautionary conditions. Certainly nothing that could create more harm than good.

However, keep in mind that breaking your penis is a rare occurrence. It’s not something that’s very common. So the odds are against it. While it something to be concerned over (and even scared of), actually having it happen to you is less likely when you look at the odds. Still, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t play it safe. Always be careful. No matter what.