Cigarettes & Erectile Dysfunction

Can Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Here’s a question. Can smoking cigarettes actually cause erectile dysfunction (ED) in men? Could it possibly impact the ability to get and maintain an erection for prolonged periods? If you’re a man and you’re a smoker, then understand this. It most certainly can.

However, to truly understand whether smoking can cause ED, you have to understand the basis of what prolonged periods of smoking cigarettes can do to your body. You see, here’s the thing. Cigarettes are vasoconstrictors. Namely because of the key ingredient, nicotine.

Keep in mind that in order to get and maintain an erection, the penis requires 6 times the average blood flow. A vasoconstrictor, by nature, constricts blood vessels and veins, not allowing blood to flow regularly. By increasing the pressure on the veins, it decreases the flow of blood.

Now, if you’re thinking that you’re in the clear because you smoke e-cigarettes, you’re not. E-cigarettes also contain nicotine. The only difference is that it doesn’t include a variety of other carcinogens and that the nicotine is in liquid form.

In fact, the connection is so clear that one study found that the severity of erectile dysfunction experience correlated directly with the actual exposure to cigarettes. Further, it was determined that variations in age were not a factor and that the correlation was clear across the board.

Why Does Smoking Lead To Erectile Dysfunction?

To truly understand the link between ED and smoking cigarettes (or e-cigs), you have to understand what nicotine does to the human body. In fact, nicotine contains nitrogen. Not only does it come from plants like tobacco plants, but it can also be synthetically produced.

On its own, nicotine is a heavily addictive substance. When combined in the form of traditional cigarettes, it is highly carcinogenic. Imagine placing your mouth on the exhaust pipe of a car and inhaling. Yes, it’s that bad. Of course, to smokers, this news is most certainly not welcomed.

Yet, in the United States alone, the single most common (and the most preventable) cause of death is, in fact, cigarette smoking. Not only does it cause the most deaths, it’s also as difficult to give up as heroin is. In short, it is a highly addictive substance.

What’s important to note is that the chemical properties of nicotine make it notoriously detrimental to the male libido. Not only does it constrict blood vessels, it also impacts the hormonal balance and the central nervous system. These all play a part in the ability to get and maintain an erection.

Of course, if you’re experiencing erectile dysfunction and you’re an avid smoker, quitting could be one way you could work to treat your ED it in the long term. While that won’t give you a short-term solution, understand that smoking cigarettes is going to adversely affect your chances of getting and maintaining an erection.

What Does Cigarette Smoking Do To Your Body?

For roughly 2,000 years, the tobacco plant has been cultivated and used in the United States to help stimulate the body. While it’s unclear how the plant actually reached Europe, most people do believe that Christopher Columbus played a part in that role.

However, it wasn’t until the 1600’s that the tobacco plant exponentiated itself amongst society. It was widely used and deemed controversial. To some, tobacco offered medicinal properties. To others, it was merely toxic and habit-forming.

Either way, it gained a foothold amongst society and its popularity exploded over time. Of course, we all know now that cigarette smoking is harmful and can lead to a variety of cancer types. Yet, that news is fairly recent. Today, smoking is on the decline, but it is still a popular pastime.

Even with the introduction of numerous taxes on cigarettes, and bans in many public areas, it is still a prevalent stimulant used amongst both men and women. Yet, the effects of nicotine are not just in stimulant forms. They are also sedative.

The Nicotine “Kick” – An Adrenaline Rush

When nicotine is introduced into the body, there’s an initial adrenaline rush. Most people refer to this so-called high as a “kick.” That’s because it stimulates the adrenals, therefor releasing adrenaline into the body. This release of adrenaline is coupled with the release of glucose, thereby also skyrocketing the body’s blood pressure and heartbeat.

However, to add to this increase in blood pressure, the glucose released in response to nicotine also negatively impacts the pancreas’s ability to produce insulin. This causes an increase in blood sugar. And high blood sugar can cause a variety of health problems. It can lead to heart attacks, strokes, kidney failure, Type II diabetes, nervous system problems and more.

The Dopamine Connection

One of the most difficult parts about smoking cigarettes is that the nicotine also causes a dopamine rush. Dopamine is a happy hormone that makes you feel good. It temporarily reduces stress and anxiety, which is very similar to the properties of heroin, except on a less enhanced scale.

However, this also occurs in other drugs like cocaine. Once the body-mind connection begin to associate the smoking of cigarettes with pleasure, it forms a habitual bond. Not only is nicotine physically addictive (abundantly clear through withdrawal symptoms), it’s also mentally addictive as well.

Nicotine, which is broken down in the liver, has numerous side effects. It’s not just the potential to cause erectile dysfunction. There is far more that nicotine does to the human body than that. There are so many increased risks with smoking cigarettes that it simply doesn’t pay to do so.

However, quitting is also hard. Scratch that. It is a monumental undertaking. That is why most people refer to the addiction as just as powerful as heroin. And keep in mind that heroin is a highly addictive drug with euphoric properties.

How To Treat ED If You Smoke Cigarettes

Should you quit smoking to help treat your erectile dysfunction? Certainly. However, if that’s not a short-term option for you, there are other treatment options. However, you have to keep in mind that ED is a very complex issue that involves so many parts of the human body and mind.

There is a powerful link to the central nervous system, and things like stress and performance anxiety can play a major role in it as well. While there are numerous options out there to treat erectile dysfunction, if you continue to smoke cigarettes, you’re limiting your chances to absolving or eradicating your erectile dysfunction for good.

Now, keep in mind that there are different types of ED. Some are more severe than others. If your ED is temporary and you’ve only experienced it on occasion, it’s far more treatable. However, if you’ve experienced ED for prolonged periods, then it could be a sign of greater health problems.

The best solution is always to seek the advice of a physician at first. They’re far more qualified to give you the best opinion. However, many people also don’t want to seek the advice of a doctor. Why? It’s often heavily embarrassing to visit a doctor in person.

However, there are other alternatives. There are virtual visits available. If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out our Alpha Club. We’ll setup a virtual doctor’s visit for you and ship your ED supplies discreetly right to your door.