Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

ED Symptoms: Do I Have Erectile Dysfunction?

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It’s estimated that roughly 5% of 40-year-old men have erectile dysfunction. This percentage only goes up as men get older, affecting 15% of men by the time they hit their 70s. And this doesn’t even account for the number of men who suffer from mild ED.

Most men wonder, not only what causes ED, but what are the symptoms of it? And how do you actually know that you’re suffering from full-blown erectile dysfunction? In some cases, it truly might be a temporary situation. In others, it might not be. So what’s the determining factor?

ED Symptoms

Generally, it’s fairly easy to determine whether or not one is suffering from erectile dysfunction. However, if you have any question about whether you’re suffering from the condition, you should look for the following symptoms. 

Difficulty Achieving an Erection

When most people think of erectile dysfunction, they think of complete failure to achieve an erection. While this is certainly a symptom of the condition, it’s far from the only symptom. In fact, most sufferers of ED are able to achieve erections sporadically. 

Difficulty Keeping an Erection

Another symptom of erectile dysfunction is failing to keep an erection after it has been achieved. For instance, a man may be able to engage in sex initially, but lose his erection in the middle of the act. This is quite common and is experienced by men of all ages. 

Reduced Libido 

Erectile dysfunction generally arrives in tandem with a range of other conditions. One such condition is diminished libido. If you’re having more trouble than usual in achieving an erection and are feeling less desire to engage in sex, you are likely suffering from erectile dysfunction. 

Anxiety in Sexual Situations 

Another sign that you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction is if you experience anxiety in the midst of sexual situations. This anxiety could very well be stemming from doubt over your ability to achieve an erection when the time requires. 

Despair Over Penile Performance 

Do you feel despair over your previous penile performance? Do you spend hours of your days stressing over your inability to achieve an erection? If so, you are almost undoubtedly suffering from ED. 

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? 

The question you might have now is what causes erectile dysfunction? A number of factors can cause this problem to arise, the most common of which will be reviewed below. 


One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction is stress or anxiety. This not only includes stress or anxiety in the bedroom but stress or anxiety outside of the bedroom as well. 

Everything from work, to school, to relationship problems, to clinically diagnosed anxiety could affect one’s ability to achieve an erection. 

Mental Health Issues 

There is a range of mental health issues which could make it difficult for one to achieve or maintain an erection. The mental health issues which most commonly result in ED include depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Low self-esteem can also make it difficult for one to achieve an erection. 

Lack of Sexual Connection 

In some cases, a lack of sexual attraction will make it difficult for a man to achieve an erection. In other words, if you’re not turned on by the person you’re planning on having sex with, your body might not allow you to engage in sex with that person. 

General sexual apathy can have the same effect. In other words, if your sex drive is diminished, achieving an erection might be difficult. 

Heart Disease 

As far as physical causes go, heart disease is right toward the top of the totem pole. Studies have shown correlations between angina, stroke, heart attack, and erectile dysfunction. 

Why does heart disease make it difficult for one to achieve an erection? Because it disturbs blood flow to the penis, hindering its ability to get hard. 

Drug Use 

A range of different drugs can cause erectile dysfunction, including but not limited to alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, and cocaine. Prescription drugs can cause the same problem. These include antidepressants, diuretics, and beta blockers, to name just a few. 

Both short-term and long-term use of these drugs can affect blood flow to the penis. For instance, while a few hours of hard drinking might make it difficult for a man to achieve erection later in the night, the continuous use of antidepressants might make it difficult for a man to achieve an erection on a daily basis. 


Those who suffer from diabetes often suffer from ED as well. This is because diabetes is capable of destroying nerves and veins which lead to the penis, hindering blood flow over time.  

Neurological Disease 

An array of neurological diseases are capable of causing erectile dysfunction, including Parkinson’s Disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke. This is due to the fact that they cause nerve damage, restricting blood flow to the penis and its surrounding areas. 


While obesity itself isn’t thought to cause erectile dysfunction, the symptoms that come with obesity are. These symptoms include everything from high blood pressure, to high cholesterol, and, as previously noted, diabetes. Generally, the more obese a man is, the greater he has of taking on these diseases, and the greater risk he has of taking on ED. 

Specific Surgeries 

If you recently had surgery performed on an area around your pelvis, you could be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Such surgeries can compromise the nerves and veins in the pelvic area, making it difficult for blood to flow to the penis. 

Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Treated? 

Fortunately, there are treatment methods available to help eradicate the symptoms of ED. The most common ED treatment include the following. 

Treat Existing Diseases 

The first course of action in treating ED is determining whether or not you have any diseases and then taking action to treat those diseases. Often times, the treatment of an existing disease will, in turn, treat the erectile dysfunction. 

For instance, if you suffer from hypertension, and that hypertension is causing you ED, you might be able to eliminate both by eating right and exercising. Or, if you suffer from depression, and that depression is causing you ED, you might be able to treat both by going to therapy and taking antidepressants. 

Regardless of what medical condition you might have, it could be linked to your ED. For this reason, you need to speak with your doctor and devise a plan to help combat the issue. 

Live a Healthy Lifestyle 

One of the primary keys to combating ED is living a healthy lifestyle. This includes regular exercise, consistent sleep, and a healthy, well-balanced diet.

By leading a healthy lifestyle, you stand a good chance at combating depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, and all of the other conditions that typically cause erectile dysfunction to arise. 

First, make sure that you’re exercising for at least 30 minutes for 3 to 5 days out of each week. Both cardio and resistance training is recommended, though either one is better than no exercise at all. 

Also, make sure that you’re getting between 7 and 9 hours of continuous, undisturbed sleep every night. Ideally, you should get this sleep at around the same time every day. 

As far as diet goes, you would be wise to abide by a plan. While you could devise a plan on your own, you could also utilize the services of a doctor, trainer, or nutritionist. A well-balanced diet void of alcohol and saturated fats is what you need to strive for.  

Undergo Surgery  

If your erectile dysfunction exists due to damage in your nerves and veins, you might consider undergoing surgery. A surgery exists in which the veins in the pelvic area are reconstructed. Known as vascular reconstructive surgery, it’s capable of increasing blood flow to the penis, improving one’s ability to achieve an erection. 

Note, however, that this procedure should only be used by those suffering from extreme ED. It is an invasive surgery, one which is both expensive and potentially damaging to the body. It should never be undergone without a great deal of planning and consideration. 

Take ED Medication 

These days, one of the most popular ways to treat ED is with the use of ED medications. These medications are highly effective, having assisted men both young and old in achieving an erection. 

ED medications work by opening up the blood vessels around the penis. In doing this, they accommodate a stronger and more consistent flow of blood to the penis, allowing it to become hard with great ease. 

While ED medications shouldn’t be used in lieu of a healthy lifestyle, they will generally still accommodate unhealthy individuals. Note, however, that they work best when used in tandem with regular exercise, a healthy diet, and consistent sleep. 

Treat Your ED Symptoms With Medication

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