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More than 50% of men over
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Treating ED used to be expensive as hell, 10 blue pills later and you’d be out almost 800 dollars. With erectile dysfunction affecting over ⅓ of men under the age of 30, and over half of men in their 50s, something had to be done. For a condition so easily treated, too many men and women were continuing to suffer the consequences of ED. As Alpha men, we don’t believe in letting anything come between us and what we want. We don’t believe in settling for what nature intended, or rolling over and dying once we’ve fulfilled our duty of procreation. We want to keep on living as we did in our 20s, and we won’t take “no” for an answer.

That’s why we’re raising the standard at Alpha, by allowing men to receive treatment on their terms, and at affordable prices saving up to 85%. You don’t have to pay name-brand prices for the best in quality and care. At Alpha, we have the best doctors, the most effective treatment options at the lowest prices. Plus, you’ll never have to step foot into a doctor’s office.

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Everything else in your life is expensive, sex shouldn’t be.