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Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes: Everything You Need To Know

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Suffering from erectile dysfunction is difficult. But you’re not alone. Some 40% of men aged 40 have erectile dysfunction. While age is not directly correlated to ED, some studies show that the likelihood does increase with age.

While ED is an outward result of physiological problem, sexual dysfunction itself is a complex disorder. Not only are there physical causes that attribute to ED, there are also psychological ones. Yet, no matter the cause, the shame and embarrassment suffered is oftentimes too much to bear.

While there are many things that can cause erectile dysfunction, one common cause of ED is diabetes. Erectile dysfunction and diabetes are linked because some of the effects of diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction.

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, suspect you might have it or have a family history of diabetes, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor about it.  Luckily, there are many treatment options for diabetes and erectile dysfunction. The most well-known are ED pills like Viagra or Cialis.

However, there are other treatments that are far more cost-effective such as Sildenafil and Tadalafil, the generic-drug counterparts for Viagra and Cialis, respectively. But there are other things you should keep track of and manage to help the pills do their job.

ED is fairly common. Yet there are major stigmas associated with it. However, what most people don’t understand is that several lifestyle decisions like diet, exercise, alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking and recreational drugs severely contribute to the likelihood of having ED.

Make Sure Your ED Is Caused By Diabetes 

ED often comes with lifestyle changes that make your life better in and out of the bedroom. All it takes is commitment and willpower. Once you start treating your ED, the quality of your life will go straight up, and you’ll feel like a new man.

There are a number of things that can cause erectile dysfunction. Some of them can be benign but are they can be mitigated by things like Viagra or Cialis. 

If you have psychogenic ED, you might also need to look into getting into therapy. Psychogenic ED means that the reason you can’t get it up is mostly in your head. 

If you’re no longer attracted to your partner, not getting an erection may be your body telling you to have a conversation with them. Alternatively, you may not achieve an erection if you are angry or resentful towards them. 

You could also be suffering because of issues with yourself. Whether you’re struggling with your body image or losing confidence because of your age, you can turn it around. 

Many men lose testosterone as they age, which isn’t ideal for a number of reasons. Once you start taking viagra, your testosterone levels can begin to rise again.

Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and see if your diabetes is causing your ED. 

The Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes 

Blood sugar levels are how ED and diabetes are linked. When someone has diabetes, sugar doesn’t enter their cells as easily. If too much sugar floats around in the body, a person can suffer nerve damage. 

Nerves carry signals from your body to your brain, and if they become damaged, they’re likely to stop working properly. The penis is filled with nerves and arteries, and if the brain can’t signal to the penis, your sex life is in trouble. 

Diabetes can also cause damage to the penis by interfering with the blood flow. Your penis fills with blood to become erect, so any damage to your blood vessels will impact your ability to get and maintain an erection. 

Also, men make a chemical called nitrous oxide to get an erection. Nitrous oxide helps increase blood flow by opening up blood vessels and allowing blood to pass through more easily. 

High levels of blood sugar inhibit the production of nitrous oxide, making it much harder to get an erection. So if your blood sugar levels are high, it can be the cause of your erectile dysfunction problem. 

What Else Is Contributing To Your ED? 

Many people wonder; “can ED and diabetes be linked?” And the answer is yes. Age and obesity can play a role in how severe your ED is and treating them can treat your ED as well. 

Obesity is a growing epidemic, with millions of Americans suffering from this condition.

Obesity is also a common factor in getting diabetes. This is because a constant intake of excess sugar can lead your body to stop producing its own insulin, causing type 2 diabetes. 

People who are obese also tend to have higher blood pressure than normal. This pressure can make it more difficult for your blood vessels to dilate, which in turn, makes getting an erection even harder. 

Obese men also produce more estrogen than men who are not obese. This production of estrogen makes it harder to get an erection, and causes a lot of other health problems. 

One example is gynecomastia, where the breasts of a male are enlarged and appear similar to the ones found on women. This causes body image issues in many men and can do damage to self-image and self-esteem. 

So obesity makes erectile dysfunction even worse than it was on its own. Age can have similar effects on men, especially due to the fact that less testosterone is being produced. 

Age also comes with its own set of problems, that boil down to your body no longer being as efficient as it used to be. Type 1 diabetes is also genetic and mostly appears during childhood. 

However, type 1 diabetes can sometimes appear when a person is over 40. 

How You Can Treat Your ED and Diabetes 

Treating ED and diabetes can be difficult, but it is do-able. Several lifestyle changes will have to be made, including changes to diet, habits, and exercise. 

Results will be slow to come at first, but with a combination of better habits and generic sildenafil, you’ll be back in action in no time. 

Exercise is important because it lowers your blood pressure and burns fat off your body. Fat is how your body stores energy for later and is a container for estrogen. 

Burning body fat is good for you since you’ll be getting rid of that estrogen, and it takes the pressure off your joints and your blood vessels. Dilating blood vessels is the entire job of drugs like Cialis and Viagra. 

Making it easier for them to do their jobs will benefit the results you see in the bedroom. An added bonus is that exercise is great at conditioning your body.

This means you’ll have more stamina for bedroom activities and you’ll be able to have sex for long periods of time without getting a cramp or getting too sweaty. 

Exercising will help your blood sugar levels stay low since you’ll be using it for energy. 

You’ll also need to make changes to your diet. If you have diabetes and you know it, you’re already staying away from sugary foods. But you’ll also want to start eating nuts, eggs, grains, and spinach. 

These foods contain protein, which is great for lowering blood sugar and help you build muscle. 

Other Lifestyle Changes That Will Help 

One way you can get better erections is cutting back on the amount of alcohol you consume. Alcohol is a depressant that acts on your nervous system. If your nervous system is depressed, it will be harder for blood to reach your penis. 

You should also quit smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes raise your blood pressure, narrows your arteries, and hardens the arterial walls. All of these things will make it difficult to get an keep an erection. 

You should also quit any recreational drug use, as prolonged use of drugs like cocaine and marijuana cause blood vessels to narrow and prevent smooth muscle from relaxing and letting blood flow into the penis, respectively. 

How Your Sex Life Will Improve 

Once you exercise, eat right, and take your meds daily, your life will turn around. 

You’ll have the confidence and energy to have sex when you want, for however long you choose. Losing weight also makes you look and feel better than you did before. 

Having less body fat and more muscle will also make you more desirable to your wife, or whoever you make love to. And having the ability to get an erection at a moment’s notice will reinvigorate your sex life. 

The pressure and strain of sexual frustration will be lifted from you. You won’t have to spend nights worrying about how you’re supposed to go on without being able to satisfy your partner’s most intimate needs. 

Sex is also a great way to relieve any stress you experience throughout the day, especially after a hard day of work. 

Revitalizing your sex life also opens the door to new sexual experiences that you can try out. It’s never too late to find out what kinds of experiences you’re partial to. 

ED and diabetes can be beaten and overcoming will not only increase the quality of your sex life but your life overall. 

ED and Diabetes Don’t Own You

Having erectile dysfunction and diabetes is nothing to be ashamed of. Learning how to manage both conditions can restore your life as good as it was before. Some days, you might even forget you have either condition. 

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