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Fenugreek For Testosterone: Nature’s Hormone Boosting Remedy

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Is using fenugreek for testosterone safe and effective? Here’s everything you need to know about fenugreek supplements.

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  1. What Is Fenugreek?
  2. Fenugreek Benefits for Men
  3. Taking Testosterone Booster Supplements

What You Need to Know About Using Fenugreek for Testosterone Boosting

What Is Fenugreek?

Fenugreek, a popular plant in traditional Indian and North African medicine, is sweet, aromatic, nutty, and slightly bitter. Fenugreek leaves, seeds, and extract were used as remedies for many common ailments.

These days, researchers have recognized their health benefits and have created various fenugreek dietary supplements as alternatives for:

Fenugreek Benefits for Men

This herb contains furostanolic saponins. This potent compound helps improve the levels of testosterone.

Since this dietary supplement is versatile, men have recently been taking fenugreek for testosterone production. Some use this supplement to alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction and improve libido.

To understand how effective it is to use fenugreek seeds, leaves, and extract for supplementation purposes, here’s how they affect the following:

1. Testosterone Production

To find out the effectiveness of fenugreek for testosterone levels, a study was conducted in 2017 where researchers gave 50 healthy men 500 mg of fenugreek seeds supplements every day for 12 weeks straight. The results showed that 90% of the participants had a 46% boost in their testosterone levels.

2. Athletic Performance

A study on 49 healthy and physically active males showed that using 500mg fenugreek supplements daily for eight weeks led to an overall boost in total testosterone levels. In combination with their strict, regular workout program, they were able to boost muscle mass growth and drop body fat levels faster.

That result was in comparison to those who stuck with placebo and testosterone supplements.

To maximize this benefit, try doing more strength-training exercises daily. Focus on compound movements that work multiple muscle groups rather than isolated exercises that only focus on one muscle at a time.

3. Libido and Sex Drive

Researchers from the University of Sydney conducted an experiment where 120 men aged 43-75 took 600 mg of fenugreek seed extract every day for 12 weeks. The results showed that apart from the increased levels of testosterone, fenugreek extract also improved their libido.

Though these studies generated positive results, one should not rely on them alone. As a general rule, consult with a medical professional before using it to increase testosterone levels, especially if you have specific hormone deficiencies.

The same thing applies to gentlemen who have erectile dysfunction. Don’t rely solely on effective dietary supplements that stimulate better blood flow to your penis.

4. Increase Lean Muscle Mass

As you grow older, you might notice that you aren’t as fit and lean as you once used to be. Apart from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, having low testosterone levels hamper the body’s ability to burn fat and build muscle.

Taking fenugreek may help improve your natural testosterone production, so you can bring back your youthful athleticism and physique.

Just make sure to put in the same amount of effort into following a strict diet plan and regular workout routine. Consume more protein, drink less alcohol, and work out more often.

5. Better Mood

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Having the right testosterone level in the body improves your mood.

Hormones play a major role in one’s mood. A man with low testosterone levels is prone to feel irritable, depressed, and anxious all the time.

Apart from increasing testosterone levels by supplementing with fenugreek, try making better lifestyle choices. Remember, a sound mind stems from a healthy body.

Also, try not to let negative events affect you. Stressful events are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should react negatively, too.

It does not only make you feel bad, but it also leaves you prone to making bad decisions, which only makes your situation worse.

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6. Better Brain Power

Higher testosterone levels not only make your body stronger, but it also improves your thinking capacity.

Studies show that high levels of testosterone can positively affect one’s brain function. Conversely, lower levels put men at risk of complications such as Alzheimer’s disease.

This is also a reason why the majority of the older gentlemen who have Alzheimer’s have low testosterone levels.

To further maximize the brain power-boosting effects of fenugreek, do some mental exercises regularly. Playing board games, learning a new language or instrument, and even playing video games are all beneficial to your mental strength.

7. Stronger Bones

Low testosterone levels make bones weaker and more fragile. That’s why older men tend to have weak, fragile bones.

Some even grow shorter as they age!

Using fenugreek for testosterone might be able to help with early prevention, but for severe cases, you might need hormone replacement treatments.

8. Combats Fatigue

Struggling with low energy levels? Why not replace your morning coffee with some delicious, healthy fenugreek tea!

Drinking coffee might help give you an energy boost, but it can quickly turn to an energy crash or even anxiety if you consume too much of it.

Fenugreek, on the other hand, spikes your energy levels by naturally boosting testosterone count. This gives you longer-lasting energy levels that won’t fade quickly.

Excessive coffee consumption can also give you an upset stomach leading to nausea and vomiting. Fenugreek has no harmful effects on patients who suffer from frequent nausea attacks and acid reflux.

Taking Testosterone Booster Supplements

Before you start juicing with the first testosterone booster you see on the market, you should know that these drugs have side effects.

They are not advisable for general consumption, and using them without a prescription is illegal. Side effects can include male pattern baldness, gynecomastia (enlarged male breast tissue), and in worse cases, kidney failure.

Instead, opt to use natural testosterone booster alternatives such as fenugreek supplements! They’re all-natural, safe, and most importantly, legal.

Note: Read up on fenugreek reviews before deciding to use fenugreek for men. If you’re still unsure, then book an appointment with a medical professional.

Overall, using fenugreek for testosterone boosting purposes is a great idea. It’s effective and doesn’t pose any major side effects, apart from the possible allergic reaction.

To maximize its effects, make sure you make healthy food choices and exercise regularly. Also, avoid harmful habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and watching too much porn!

Will you use fenugreek for testosterone production? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!
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