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9 Unique Holiday Gifts For Your Friends

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Are you tired of shopping for generic holiday gifts for friends? Here are some unique presents your friends would love to have under their tree!

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Surprise! 9 Uncommon Holiday Gifts for Friends

1. Bluetooth Key Tracker

The most annoying thing about misplacing your keys is that it normally happens when you’re rushing to leave. Save your friends from the trouble of turning their homes upside down by gifting them with a BlueTooth key tracker.

Here’s how they usually work: You clip on the tracker on your keychain and link it up with your smartphone. If you can’t find your keys, you can use your smartphone to make the tracker ring.

Cool huh? Your friends will thank you for this ingenious time-saving gift.

2. Scratch-Off Travel Map

If you have friends who love to travel, get them a scratch-off travel map. They can put the map up somewhere in their home, and whenever they visit a new place, they can scratch it off the map.

Depending on where your friends like to travel, you can get different versions of this map. There’s a map of the whole world, maps that focus on certain continents, and single-country maps.

What makes this holiday gift so unique is that it’s an evolving keepsake. It’ll change as the years go by as your friends continue to visit new places.

3. Individualized Personal Care Products

Individualized personal care products are unique presents because the right gift can showcase your thoughtfulness. When you pick out the perfect personal care item, your friend will see that you’ve been paying attention.

Here are some examples of personal care items that you can gift to your friends for the holidays:

  • Extra rich moisturizer to help battle dry skin caused by the cold temperature
  • Make-up or skincare products your women friends have been raving about
  • Old fashioned shaving kits for guy friends who complain about not getting a close enough shave
  • Hair strengthening or growth products for guys friends who worry about their thinning hair or receding hairline

At the end of the holidays, people are often left with a pile of random presents to discard. The great thing about gifting your friends with personal care items is that they’re more likely to actually use them—the key is knowing what they need and want.

Tip: If you think they’ll be confused by your gift, add a card explaining why you thought of getting them a particular personal care item.

4. Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for something extra special for your best buds, why not get them subscription boxes? Here are a few examples:

  • Specialty food boxesfood items like cheese, wine, coffee, or desserts
  • Geeky or fandom boxes – comic books, collectibles, and T-shirts. There are also subscription boxes that focus on specific franchises
  • Book boxes – contemporary and classic books
  • Gaming boxes – board games, video games, or puzzles
  • Fashion boxes – clothes and accessories for both men and women

This gift is great for your friends who have a special hobby or interest. You can also choose how often the boxes get delivered—there are usually monthly or quarterly options.

5. Essential Oil Wearable Accessories

Amber glass essential oil bottle on pink desktop with wooden mala beads | Unique Holiday Gifts For Your Friends | gifts for friends | gifts for best friends

Essential oils are all the rage these days. Studies even show that they may have some promising health benefits.

Essential oil bottles are a pretty common gift these days, so you may want to gift essential oil wearable accessories instead. These are jewelry pieces that double as an oil diffuser so your oil-loving friends can stay zen all day long.

Common options include necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. They also come in a variety of designs and colors.

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6. Novelty Animal Butt Magnets

If you’re looking for funny gifts for friends, put novelty animal butt magnets on your shopping list! Your fun-loving friends will have a hoot arranging the cute animal butts on their refrigerator door.

The best thing about this gift is that it’s also really useful. They can use these magnets to hold up important bills, grocery lists, or even photos on their refrigerator or any other metal board.

Tip: Make sure to choose the right set of animal butts for your friends. There are packs with assorted animal butts, but there are also packs that feature just one animal like dogs or cats.

7. Portable LCD Projector

With the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, people aren’t as dependent on their televisions for entertainment anymore. That’s why LCD projectors are making a comeback.

There are upgraded projectors you can easily connect to a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So when you pair it with your favorite handheld device, you instantly get a large screen!

All you need is an empty wall to project against. This is a great holiday gift for friends who enjoy camping or love to host movie nights.

8. Nap Pillows

If you have a friend who loves to sneak in a snooze in the middle of the day, gift them with a nap pillow! Nap pillows come in a variety of designs, but most of them will have a built-in space to tuck your hands in.

Some even resemble a helmet so you can actually put your whole head inside. It may look kind of strange, sort of like an ostrich sticking its head in a hole on the ground, but it’s the perfect way to escape into sleep town.

9. Pet Tech

If you have pet-loving friends, get them some cool pet tech!

What is pet tech? These are items that use technology to make pet care more convenient.

Here are a few examples of cool pet tech items your pet owners would love:

  • Automatic ball launchers are perfect for owners who strain their arms playing fetch with their dogs.
  • Automatic treat dispensers are great for pet owners who are at work all day. With these dispensers, pets can help themselves to a snack whenever they want to.
  • Automatic wet food feeders keep your pet’s wet food fresh throughout the day.
  • If your friend has a pet who likes to wander, the built-in GPS in pet location trackers can help track their pets down.

Pets are often overlooked during the holidays. Your friends will be pleasantly surprised that you didn’t forget the furriest member of their family!

Some of these gifts are so unique and cool, you may even want to get them for yourself. So skip the generic holiday gifts this year and try to find ones that will surprise your best buds!

What do you think are good gifts for friends? Do you have other unique gifts in mind? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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