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The Ultimate Hair Care Routine For Men: 7 Grooming Tips

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A hair care routine will make you look dapper, but only if you ensure your products are good for your hair and your techniques stimulate growth. Keep reading to learn how to establish a hair routine that does just that.

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In this article:

  1. Understand Your Own Hair and Scalp
  2. Use the Right Tools for Grooming
  3. Shop for the Best Haircare Products
  4. Establish Your Grooming Schedule
  5. Go for Minimal Proportions of Your Hair Care Products
  6. Wash and Dry Your Hair Correctly
  7. Style Your Hair the Right Way

The Best Hair Care Routine for Your Best Look Every Day

1. Understand Your Own Hair and Scalp

Before you begin your hair care routine, you have to check your scalp type. Every decision you make on hair care products and grooming techniques will hinge on what type of scalp you have.

Your scalp type can fall into the range of oily, normal, and dry:

  • Oily scalp: If you touch your hair and you find it too slick, you have oily hair. This means you need to find products that remove excess oils.
  • Normal scalp: When your hair is neither too oily or too dry, you have a normal scalp. You should buy products that clean and moisturize at the same time.
  • Dry scalp: You have dry scalp when it’s itchy, irritated, and prone to flakes. The best hair care products for this scalp type use moisturizers.

2. Use the Right Tools for Grooming

Your hair care routine demands the best tools like a good double-sided comb or a brush. These tools help remove frizz and dirt from your hair, distribute products to each strand, and stimulate your scalp for better hair growth.

A double-sided comb possesses narrow and thick teeth for better styling. The narrower teeth remove any debris from your hair like dandruff and define your style, while the bigger teeth help with finishing your look.

For a hairbrush, opt for the ones with organic bristles because they’re gentler on your hair strands than synthetic ones. Organic bristles come in horsehair, goat hair, and boar hair.

Note: Avoid over-grooming, since the tugs and pulls on your hair can damage your follicles and traumatize your scalp.

3. Shop for the Best Haircare Products

When shopping for hair care products for your hair care routine, opt for natural ingredients and steer clear of the ones with harsh chemicals like chlorine. Shampoo and conditioner will serve as your first line of grooming products, followed by hair oil.

The shampoo will wash away dirt and grime for your hair, but it can also remove sebum or the hair’s natural oil. When this happens, your hair can dry up and lead to breakage.

Schedule when you wash your hair to avoid this issue.

Conditioner will moisturize your hair after shampoo and keep your hair strands supple and strong against frizz and breaks. Hair oil also does the same job as a conditioner, but use it when you’re out of the bath.

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4. Establish Your Grooming Schedule

Man taking a shower | The Ultimate Hair Care Routine For Men: Grooming Tips | hair routine

Grooming yourself well for excellent hair

After picking the right tools and products, set your eyes on how many times you’ll wash your hair or use products to style it. You only need to take a look at your scalp type to decide.

For normal scalp, you only need to wash your hair with shampoo as often as you need to. This can mean you can wash as much as 3 times a week.

People with oily scalp can use shampoo on their hair daily to remove the dirt and oils collecting on the hair strands. Those with dry scalp can do with 1-2 washes with shampoo every week, but you can also use moisturizers every other day.

5. Go for Minimal Proportions of Your Hair Care Products

If you’ve focused on buying quality hair care products, you only need to apply minimal amounts on your hair. This will prevent damage to your hair by these products over time.

The best example of this is to use only a coin-sized portion of shampoo or conditioner on your hair.

In terms of styling products, you should opt to use them as sparing as possible. You should opt for a more rugged, natural look for your day-to-day and use waxes, pomades, and hair sprays when you’re going out for a party or a date.

6. Wash and Dry Your Hair Correctly

Avoid running a hot shower on your pate when you shower to avoid burning your scalp. You should just go for warm or cold showers to avoid hair loss.

How you dry your hair can impact its health and the ability of each hair strand to withstand damage as well. You should also minimize the trauma you can inflict in your hair by avoiding the bad habit of rubbing towels aggressively on your crown.

You can use the more absorbent types of towels and just wrap them around your hair to remove water or moisture.

Blow-drying your hair can save you time if you’re in a rush, but the hot air blast can also wither your hair and open it up to damage.

7. Style Your Hair the Right Way

The same principle applies to styling your hair. Minimize your use of hair products, because they contain harsh chemicals that can damage even the roots.

Find the time to go to your barber when your hair becomes unkempt. While you’re in the barber’s seat, ask your barber some points on how to better manage and style your hair.

If you like certain treatments at the salon, try lessening or avoiding hair dye therapies. The chemicals they use for hair color penetrate your hair follicles and change it at the roots, and these can impact your hair growth if you apply them often.

Hot oil treatments can also damage your scalp and potentially close follicles. Direct heat can affect your scalp, dry your hair, and cause hair loss down the road.

Stick to a natural hair care routine that prioritizes organic products and uses only the gentlest methods to make your crown look good. This way, you can look to a full head of hair for many years to come.

If you’re having problems with your crown, it’s time to reach out to a professional to assist you with applicable remedies or medications.

What techniques and products go into your hair care routine? Give us your tips in the comments section below.

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