How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

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The heat of the moment can burn you for a life time they say. But what happens, when in the midst of that moment, you fail to get it up? What are the thoughts that cross your mind when your pulse is racing and your heart is beating at a million-miles-per-minute?

As you turn beet-red and you realize what’s happening, you’re filled with a mixture of embarrassment coupled with an utter sense of failure. It’s a devastating experience. Catastrophic, even. Time grinds to a halt as your heart sinks into your chest.

In the wake of this experience, a million questions fills your mind. At the forefront, we ask, what’s wrong with me? How could this happen? Sure, it might happen to others. But when it happens to you, it becomes personal. And it hits home.

However, erectile dysfunction (ED) is far more common than most men think. In fact, one study discovered that, on average, 52% of men are afflicted with ED. That’s tens of millions of men, a number so staggering that it boggles the mind.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

When the initial shock and pain of having ED subsides, most men are filled with far more questions than they are with answers. Whether you realize that ED is very common or not, you often ask why. Why did this happen? What causes it? And, what can I do to avoid it in the future?

It’s natural. No one wants to experience that pain. And why would they? As men, we place a lot of pressure on ourselves to perform. So, even in the best of scenarios, we’re hard on ourselves. But when we’re filled with the stress of failed past performances, the pressure and anxiety to perform shoots through the roof.

Before the moment strikes, we wonder it if it will happen again. Will we fail to get it up? Will we suffer through another embarrassing experience? And what will they think of me if I can’t perform? Maybe they won’t like me or love me or want to ever see me again.

This fear and anxiety builds up over time. Yet, it’s clear to see why it occurs. If we can’t perform, what’s the problem? Well, the issue that most men face is that they tackle the symptoms rather than understand the root causes. And when it comes to sexual dysfunctions like ED, it’s important to understand the causes first before discussing treatment options.

Sure, you could take the easy way out. You could opt to take any number of popular ED pills. Medication like Viagra or Cialis is readily available from doctors around the world. Or, you could even opt for their generic-drug counterparts like Sildenafil and Tadalafil, respectively speaking.

However, that won’t address the root cause of the problem. If you can tackle the root cause, then medications might not even be necessary. And even if you continue to take the medication, getting healthier won’t hurt either. So why not take both approaches?

Is Erectile Dysfunction Passed On Through Genetics?

While that might seem so, the answer is no. Erectile dysfunction is not a genetic issue. Although, there are diseases that can come through your genes that might make you more susceptible to experiencing things like erectile dysfunction.

Keep in mind that in order for there to be 6 times the normal blood flow to the penis, you can’t have things that restrict that blood flow like high blood pressure and hypertension. And, even when low blood pressure exists because of things like heart disease, and you’re forced to take pills to increase your blood pressure, it could conflict with penile functions.

However, ED is not a genetic disease by any means. It is not passed on genetically from your father or anything like that. The male sex organs and reproductive system are highly complex, and erections involve numerous systems working together in perfect synchronicity. It’s not just a matter of the physical parts like the corpus cavernosum, testicles, and so on.

In order for a man to get an erection, not only does he have to be sexually aroused, but there’s also an interplay with the central nervous system where the brain sends signals down into the body. However, there are also neural networks involved, and several emotional, environmental and mental factors can interfere there.

For example, when you’er under an enormous amount of stress, where your body is experiencing a rush of hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, there can be a direct interference with your ability to get it up, so to speak. That’s because those hormones prioritize skin and muscle systems over reproductive and digestive for example.

Are There Any Causes Of ED That In My Control Or Not?

The short answer is yes. There are things that can cause erectile dysfunction that are well within your control. Now, that doesn’t mean that by altering those causes will immediately remedy the problem. It likely won’t in the short term. However, it would certainly be a place to start.

For example, recreational drugs and excessive consumption of alcohol can interfere with your ability to get an erection and to keep it. If you drink heavily or you partake in recreational drugs often, then you’re likely interfering with your ability to get an erection.

Keep in mind that alcohol suppresses the nervous system. That can interfere with a variety of the body’s functions. It also dehydrates you severely, which leads to a rise in blood pressure. Hydration is necessary for the proper flow of oxygen to the blood, and therefor for the flow of the blood itself.

For that reason, when you drink, especially when you drink heavily towards intoxication, you’re increasing your chances of experiencing sexual dysfunctions like ED and premature ejaculation. This is in our direct control. And there’s a reason why most men can’t get it up when they drink.

In addition, when it comes to recreational (or illegal) drugs, they can also severely impact the central nervous system. The primary culprit here is that most illegal drugs are heavily damaging to the blood vessels in our bodies. Of course, blood vessel damage can alter the flow of blood, which would then lead to ED and impotence.

Diet & Weight Loss Factors That Attribute To ED

Can your diet and weight be attributing to your chances of getting ED? This is a common question about erectile dysfunction. The answer? Yes. Certainly. Your diet, the things you eat, and your overall health factors such as your weight does attribute significantly to ED.

Studies have proven that when men eat diets high in fruits and vegetables and nuts, for example, that they are less likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who eat a very unhealthy diet. Plant-based diets are huge in their ability to ensure that all of our systems are firing properly.

However, it also makes common sense. For example, for men who are obese (significantly overweight), it often leads to diabetes, which is a contributing factor of ED. But obesity also damages blood vessels and places a high amount of strain on them, constricting the flow of blood.

Other obesity-related causes come from inflammation, which directly affects the oxidation of the blood, causing damage to tissues. If you are overweight or eating a very unhealthy diet, then one lifestyle change you can make that will positively impact your erection is to lose weight and go on a diet.

How Exercise Can Help To Reduce Chances Of ED

Dieting isn’t enough. Whether you’re overweight or not, exercise is crucial to ensuring your health. That includes getting and maintaining an erection. The truth is that, in the US especially, we are extremely unhealthy. That lack of exercise leads to a lack of oxygenation in our blood, which leads to less blood flow and therefor to ED.

However, several studies have found that an increase in exercise can have an impact on our ability to get an erection. Particularly, aside from general cardiovascular exercise, pelvic floor exercises, also known as Kegels, can have a dramatic impact as well.

Kegel exercises improve our core strength tied to the muscles in the pelvic floor, strengthening the bulbocavernosus muscle. The bulbocavernosus muscle has 3 primary functions. Not only does it allow the penis to fill with blood to form an erection (engorgement), but it also helps to continue pumping that blood during ejaculation. Third, is that just after urination, it works to empty out the urethra.

Taking ED Medications Like Sildenafil & Tadalafil

Lifestyle changes help treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction. But if you’re merely looking to treat the symptoms, you can opt to take ED pills like Sildenafil or Tadalafil. These are the generic off-brand versions of Viagra and Cialis, respectively speaking.

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