How To Strengthen Your Erection

How To Strengthen Your Erection Without Medication

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Until the day that you experience trouble getting or keeping an erection, it’s often taken for granted. It’s merely there. A part of you. Something that’s expected to work on command and at will. For most of us, it often isn’t a problem. But for those who experience sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, it becomes a mild obsession.

So what do you do when you can’t get an erection at all? How do you handle it when you’re suddenly stricken with ED? How common of a problem is it? And what about when you experience something in between where you’re struggling to strengthen your erection? Is that even a thing? And is there something that you can potentially do about it?

To understand the answers to these questions, you have to understand how an erection works and what the factors involved are. Keep in mind that an erection is not a muscle. Think about it like a balloon that can fill with air. Except, instead of air it fills with blood. How much blood? Well, to get an erection, 6 times the regular blood flow is required.

Imagine it like this. If you were to fill a balloon with just a little bit of helium, it wouldn’t be strong and it likely wouldn’t fly off into the air. It would likely hang around on the floor or hover somewhere just above it. Yet, fill that balloon to the brim with helium and watch it take off soaring into the skies.

How Does An Erection Form?

To truly understand how to strengthen your erection without medication, you need to understand, specifically, how an erection works and forms. Most think that an erection is merely a physical thing. It’s not. It involves so much more. There’s an interplay here with the central nervous system along with the neural networks of the mind.

Think about it this way. In order to get sexually aroused, what has to happen? Either you need to be stimulated mentally or physically aroused through touch. All of that sends messages through the neural networks of the mind that move into the central nervous system and distribute out from there.

The central nervous system then sends signals that make blood rush through the corpora cavernosa. That’s the cavern of the penis. It’s filled with blood vessels that create a sponge-like effect, soaking up the blood and trapping it through something called the tunica albuginea, which helps to keep the penis erect.

After ejaculation, a signal is then sent to bring the penis back to a flaccid state. That happens through an enzyme called phosphodiesterase, breaking it down through cyclic GMP. While the science is less important, often what happens is that there’s a disconnect here between the enzymes at play, creating an imbalance of phosphodiesterase to cGMP.

What Strengthens An Erection?

Keep in mind that there are lots of factors at play here to form an erection. And in order to have a strong erection, you need to be healthy. So much of an erection relies on the ability of your penis to fill with blood. For that to happen, 6 times the regular blood flow must reach your penis. And then it must stay there.

The more blood that fills the corpora cavernosa, the stronger the erection. But the tunica albuginea must also keep that blood there. And, there needs to be a perfect balance of phosphodiesterase and not have that enzyme firing off before it should. That often leads to things like ED and premature ejaculation.

So, all things being considered, if you want a strong erection, you need to be healthy. High blood pressure won’t help you. And anything that leads to or causes high blood pressure will hurt your chances of having an ultra-strong erection. What leads to high blood pressure? Plenty of diseases like heart disease and diabetes could be the culprit.

But there are other causes as well that run the gamut such as obesity and metabolic syndrome for example. Keep in mind that millions of men struggle with ED so it is quite common. In fact, studies find that the average is roughly 52% of the male population. That’s a staggering statistic when you really come to think about it.

While you’re not alone, there are certainly things that you can do to strengthen your erection (with or without medication). These certainly aren’t invasive measures whatsoever. They are simple. But they also often involve dramatic changes to our lifestyles. If you’re living an unhealthy lifestyle with bad habits, that’s a signal that things have to change.

1. Change Your Diet

Keep in mind that food impacts your vascular health. In other words, your veins and your arteries and the circulation in your lymphatic system. Blood flow is a key component of erections. And, the health of your vascular system has a direct correlation on the strength of your erection. That much should be clear by now.

So, if you’re looking for erections that are stronger and longer-lasting, you have to change your diet. Not just improve it. Often, this takes a severe departure from the norm to get there. Numerous studies have found a direct correlation between your health and your chances of developing erectile dysfunction.

Even if you don’t get ED, when your erection lacks strength, it is a sign that something is amiss. Yet, one very easy way to ensure that you get back on track is to eat a heart-healthy plant-based diet. High cholesterol creates a hotbed of problems that most certainly include vascular health declines. Eat right and ensure you have a balanced diet.

2. Quit Bad Habits

That sounds like a blanket statement. Doesn’t it? Just quit your bad habits and all your ED problems will be solved. You’ll have stronger, firmer and more longer-lasting erections. Sure. Sure. That’s what they always say, don’t they? But there is so much truth in this statement. Don’t believe me? Well, let me explain.

Think about this for a moment. We all have habits. Some of those habits are bad. Some of them are good. But there are some that are just downright awful. And they destroy your health slowly but surely over time. You don’t think about them much in the moment. But when you look back, you realize just what’s it done to you.

Take alcohol and drugs for a moment. Do you realize what alcohol and drugs are doing to your system? Keep in mind that abusing either alcohol or drugs is going to do some serious damage to your nervous system. Not only that, but it’s going to deeply damage your body and your emotional state as well.

Keep in mind that the nervous system is responsible for proper circulation. Again, it has to do with vascular health. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which increases blood pressure and decreases vascular health. When you dehydrate your body, you’re depriving it of water and oxygen. This will decrease the volume of blood moving through your veins.

Drugs and alcohol are also depressants. And your mental and emotional health play a large role in your ability to get and keep firm erections. By abusing either of these, you’re literally putting yourself in a disadvantageous state. Sure, they are easy changes to talk about making. But they are very hard to make when bad habits are running amuck.

3. Get More Sleep

Not getting enough sleep directly impacts the level of testosterone in your body. And that, in turn, impacts your sex drive and the strength of your erections. For example, one study found that just one week of sleep deprivation lead to a reduction in testosterone equivalent to roughly 15 years of aging.

There’s a reduction in your libido due to a reduction in testosterone levels. Another study found that the quality of your sleep has a direct impact on your likelihood of experiencing erectile dysfunction. This direct correlation is a large contributor to things like impotence and erection problems, leading into deeper issues like erectile dysfunction.

Clearly, one way to solve this is to ensure that you get ample amounts of sleep. Not copious amounts. Merely ample. Make sure that you get enough rest and that you aren’t up all night long. Don’t drink caffeine or alcohol close to bedtime. Of course, don’t drink alcohol at all if you can simply avoid doing so.

So how much sleep do you need to ensure that you get stronger and longer-lasting erections? Well, all other things aside, you should aim for at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep with a clear target of getting at least 8. You might not think that your body needs 8 hours of sleep, but if you want things to function properly, ensure you reach that mark.

4. Eliminate Stress

Look. Stress is a major factor in ED. It is. Stress often leads to anxiety. It also leads to deep-seated fears. Stress and anxiety can definitely lead to sexual dysfunctions. And it can certainly contribute to weaker erections and things like premature ejaculation.

Keep in mind that there are numerous studies that indicate that psychological causes are the main culprit when it comes to ED. Not to mention having a weaker erection, which can easily be caused by dealing with stressful situations. Think about what stress does to your emotional and mental state, let alone your physical state.

When the body is highly stressed, it releases stressors, which are hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. These impact the major systems of the body like the digestive system and reproductive systems, along with several others. Some, like adrenalin, are designed for the flight-or-fight response that is genetically preconditioned into our DNA.

5. Take ED Medication

If you’re like most others, and you don’t want to wait months or years of trying to change your lifestyle entirely, there is another option for strengthening your erection. It will also help you eliminate erectile dysfunction. While it won’t treat the causes, it will tackle the symptoms.

To do that, there are several popular ED pills you can take. While most people have heard of Viagra and Cialis, they haven’t heard of Sildenafil and Tadalafil, which are the generic-drug counterparts to those two popular ED medications.

The one thing that most men don’t like about taking ED pills is the fact that they have to visit a doctor. But ED is common. If you’re experiencing that or you’re just looking to strengthen your erection, join our Alpha Club. We’ll setup a virtual doctor’s visit with a board-certified physician, and we’ll discreetly ship the pills straight to your doorstep.

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