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How To Have More Intimate Sex

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Having more intimate sex often leads to better relationships and happier lives, which is why it’s crucial for couples to find ways to make their sex life spicier than ever. Keep reading to find out more.

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How to Have Intimate Sex with Your Partner | 5 Must-Try Steps

But First, Why Is It Important to Have Intimate Moments in Your Relationship?

There are multiple reasons, and they are even backed up by science:

Step 1: Voice Your Intimacy Desires

The first step in having a more intimate relationship with your partner is letting them know what you want inside and outside the bedroom. Voice your desires, from the sex positions you want to try, up to the post-sex cuddling.

Your partner can’t always read your body language (or your mind), so it’s best to be clear. You are giving your partner the best chance to please you when you tell them exactly what you want.

Step 2: Create Ways to Set the Mood

Setting the mood will create a more intimate environment. However, you have to have an idea of what you want.

Are you hoping for a sensual romantic evening, or are you ready to be wild? Set your intentions properly and make the move.

Here are some great ways to help you set the mood in bed whether you want to be naughty or nice:

  • Dim the lights.
  • Play some sexy slow jams.
  • Light some candles.
  • Put on some sexy underwear or lingerie.
  • Give your partner a sensual massage.
  • Tease your partner with kisses or even sensual dance.
  • Introduce some props (can be food, a costume, or toys).

Step 3: Kiss and Play

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Kissing and playing for enhanced intimacy

The next step is to get physical—kiss softly and gradually increase the intensity and passion. Feel each other’s lips and take your time.

Pay attention to your partner and how they respond to your movements.

Are they leaning in? Is the pace of their breath faster?

Those are signs of sexual satisfaction.

Try running your hands through your partner’s hair or holding them tightly against your body. Use your hands to explore your partner; their back, arms, hair, and waist.

Kisses aren’t only for the lips. You can also kiss your partner’s neck, cheeks, shoulders, and chest.

Remember, just like too much sugar can ruin a dessert, too much tongue can ruin a kiss.

If your partner closes their mouth or pulls away when you use your tongue, stick to using your lips and lightly brushing your tongue over other areas. Then, proceed to foreplay.

Kissing and foreplay are prerequisites to arousing your partner. If you pay attention to their body language, you can’t go wrong on physical intimacy.

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Step 4: Explore New Sex Positions

Take your time kissing and enjoying each other. Use your hands and mouths to discover your partner’s body.

Once you’ve spent time getting to know their more intimate places, you can move on to nurturing another important sexual pleasure center.

Surprise your partner by exploring sex positions you haven’t tried before. This will excite both of you and give you a chance to do something new together.

Doing the usual sex positions can get boring after a while, and makes you both feel that it’s just an ordinary night. Remember, you’re trying to build intimacy through sex, so this means trying out something new and special.

It’s okay to be awkward when trying something new, you might laugh at yourself bending into a new position and that’s fine. As long as you’re experiencing it together, you’re getting closer.

Step 5: Communicate Through Your Eyes

While you’re having sex, don’t forget to look into each other’s eyes. It can be tempting to close your eyes and focus on what you’re doing, but looking at your partner creates a deeper sense of emotional intimacy.

When you see your partners face as you satisfy and pleasure them the levels of arousal and sexual pleasure intensify. This is because of the intimate physical connection you are sharing.

The eyes express a deep and intense level of emotion that is contagious. Sustaining eye contact with your partner during your most intimate moments, such as through orgasm, will heighten your sexual encounter and level of satisfaction.

May these steps on how to bring more intimacy into your sex life help you take your relationship to the next level.

Don’t settle for routine when it comes to sex. Make every night special by focusing your sexual energy on pleasuring your partner and meeting their needs.

This means trying things outside the box and being open to each other when it comes to sexual desires, no matter how surprising they may be.

Did we miss any steps on our list of ways to have more intimate sex with your partner? Tell us in the comments section below!

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