Foods That Help With ED

Making Dietary Changes: Nutrients and Foods that Help with ED

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not inevitable.

It’s more common than you think, and you can do things to prevent it. 

ED can be caused by not having a good blood supply to the penis or low testosterone levels. The good news is that your diet can change this.

This is because the foods that you eat can significantly improve your sexual performance. If you eat foods that are good for your cardiovascular system and testosterone levels, you can improve your body’s blood flow and may prevent ED.

Take a look at some of the best foods that help ED.

Blood Flow 

Your body needs to supply enough blood to your penis to get – and maintain – an erection. This means that you need to have healthy blood flow.

Nitric oxide helps to open up your blood vessels, increasing your blood flow. Today’s ED medications are based on the effects that nitrates have on the blood vessels to the penis.

The foods listed below can help your body to produce nitric oxide to open up your blood vessels and reduce cholesterol to ensure your blood vessels are healthy. 

Leafy Greens

You were probably told to eat your leafy greens when you were a kid, and it’s still a good idea.

Leafy green vegetables contain a lot of nitrates. These nitrates are vasodilators, which are good at opening up your blood vessels and increasing blood flow around your body, including to your penis.

Try increasing your intake of celery, spinach, and kale and see if you notice a difference.  

Beet Juice

Just like your leafy green, beets are an amazing source of nitrates.

Nitrates are so effective, athletes often drink beet juice before an event to maximize their blood flow and improve performance.

Some studies have shown that 2 cups of beet juice contain enough nitrates to widen your blood vessels – therefore lower blood pressure – within several hours.

Tomatoes and Pink Grapefruit

Deep red fruits also contain a particular phytonutrient. This is called lycopene. These antioxidants have been said to work best when mixed with oily foods.

Try making a salad using tomatoes and pink grapefruit, combined with avocado and olive oil. Delicious, healthy and could improve your sexual performance.  


Don’t forget your fruit!

Watermelon may also be able to increase your sexual desire and performance.

Watermelon contains phytonutrients. These are also antioxidants; they relax your blood vessels that supply blood to your penis, enabling you to get an erection.  

Watermelon is also great for your heart health, prostate and skin.


Bananas are packed full of potassium, which is great for your heart.

Potassium helps to keep sodium levels, therefore controlling blood pressure. This reduces risks of heart issues, encouraging healthy blood flow around the body. This means that you’re more likely to experience erections that will satisfy your sexual desire. 

Other fruits 

It’s estimated that only 13% of Americans eat enough fruit – a worryingly low statistic for many reasons. 

Eating enough fruit can also improve your sexual performance and experience. Fruit is packed full of flavonoids, which helps increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. This is likely to reduce ED. 

A 10-year study of over 25,000 men, those who ate more foods with flavonoids had a lower risk of ED by up to 11%. This trend was particularly strong in men under the age of 70. 

Try eating fruits full of flavonoids, such as blueberries, strawberries, apples, and citrus fruit.


Potatoes are another great source of potassium.

Just like bananas, they boost circulation and make sure that your blood flows where it needs to go.


Snacking on nuts can seriously improve your sexual performance.

Nuts include high levels of a protein called arginine. This protein helps to make nitric oxide in the body and so relax blood vessels. Again, this improved blood circulation can help men to maintain erections.

One study asked 17 men with ED to eat 100 grams of pistachio nuts every day for three weeks. At the end of the experiment, blood flow in the penis was increased and erection ability had improved. Cholesterol levels had also lowered, improving overall health. 

Nuts are also a source of fiber, folic acid, and vitamin E, with multiple health benefits. But they’re also high in calories, so only have a couple of handfuls every day.


Another source of arginine is oatmeal. It’s not the sexiest food, but it could help you sexually. 

It helps to relax blood vessels – including in the penis – increasing blood flow and the ability to maintain an erection. 

One study included 51 men with ED. They took arginine, niacin, and propionyl-L-carnitine for three months. 40% improved erections, and 77% reported at least a partial response.

Oatmeal also helps to lower cholesterol, improving overall cardiovascular health. 


Fatty fish – especially salmon – is a great source of omega-3. These fatty acids are hugely beneficial to your heart health, and can also increase the nitric oxide in your body. This can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and increase blood flow around your body. A great overall health benefit, as well as decreasing your likelihood of ED.

Aim for 8 ounces of salmon a week. Mackerel, tuna, and sardines are also high in omega-3.

Peppers and Chillies

Spice up your love life with some spicy foods.

You know that feeling when you’re eating something spicy, and your face becomes flushed? That’s because your blood vessels are expanding.

The same happens around your body; your blood vessels relax, and more blood is pumped through them. This also happens in your penis, helping to prevent ED.

They can also lower blood pressure, cholesterol and prevent blood clots.


Although a potential cause of strong breath, garlic can help improve your sex life.

Blood flow can be reduced if your arteries become unhealthy or narrowed. This will reduce the blood flow to your penis, needed for erections.

Garlic can help your arteries stay healthy, and efficiently pumping blood around your body.

It also helps to thin the blood – only slightly – meaning it improves circulation.

Dark Chocolate

The perfect excuse to enjoy some sweet treats.

Chocolate is full of flavonoids. These natural nutrients can help to increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure. These can all help to reduce the effects of ED.

Chocolate also helps your body to create more nitric oxide, which can also help to prevent ED.

Dark chocolate is the best choice. Milk chocolate is lower in flavonoids and contains higher amounts of sugar and fat.


Wine is a source of the resveratrol antioxidant. This increases the nitric oxide in your body, so helps to relax and open up your blood vessels.  

This is exactly how Viagra works – this is just a natural alternative.

Red wine is best but stick to one or two glasses. Too much, and your sexual performance could be hindered.


Can’t start the day without a cup of coffee? This could be helpful in preventing ED as well.

Caffeine helps to increase blood flow, which can increase blood to the penis and help to maintain erections.

Not a coffee drinker? Many teas, fizzy drinks, and sports drinks also contain caffeine.


Low levels of testosterone can be another cause of ED. Here are some foods that can increase testosterone levels in your body, and improve your sexual performance.

Oysters and Shellfish

There’s a popular rumor that oysters are an aphrodisiac. That might be because oysters contain high levels of zinc. This is a mineral that is essential to the production of testosterone, the male hormone. If levels of testosterone are too low, you can experience symptoms of ED.  

Other shellfish also include zinc, which can increase testosterone levels, improving sexual performance.

Just make sure that they’re properly cooked; food poisoning will do little to improve sexual performance.

Olive Oil

Olive oil can also help your body make more testosterone.

It is also full of monounsaturated fat, which can help reduce bad cholesterol.

Try to go for extra-virgin olive oil. This means that the olives were pressed without high heat or chemicals, meaning the healthy antioxidants were preserved. 

Egg yolks

Egg yolks are a rich source of vitamin D and can help to increase testosterone levels. 

As long as you don’t have any existing cholesterol issues, try eating one egg every day and see if you notice an improvement. 

Foods that Help ED

These are some of the foods that help ED.

Focus on food that improves your cardiovascular health. That means eating foods that are good for your heart and your arteries. Make sure that your blood is able to pump blood around your body – including your penis – to improve your sexual experiences. Altering your diet to include these foods is also likely to have wider health benefits.

There are also specific foods which can increase testosterone levels, which can also prevent ED.

As well as your diet, there are other ways to strengthen your erection without medication. Take a look at them here.

To find out more about ED, take a look at some of the common causes and myths.