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Grooming Kit For Men: 17 Essentials You Should Have

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Men’s grooming kits allow men to step out into the world with their best feet forward, looking dapper when dealing with the challenges ahead. Here are several tools and supplies you’ll need in your grooming kit for men.

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What Every Alpha Man Has in His Men’s Grooming Kit

1. Comb

A comb serves as a man’s quintessential grooming tool and a must-have for every man’s hair grooming kit since it can help him remove frizz and style his hair and beard. Buy a two-edged comb with thin and thick teeth to allow for straightening and styling hair.

2. Beard Brush

In case you’re growing a beard, you have to groom and brush it like your head hair. Invest in animal hair brushes like horsetail and boar hair since they are gentler on facial hair.

Aside from making your beard look dapper, you can also use the brush to spread beard oil on your beard to make it smell nicer for the ladies.

3. Hair Clipper

A man’s hair can be all over his face and neck if he leaves them untended. The best way to manage hirsuteness is a hair clipper with several guards to allow men to trim hair or style beards.

Opt for the wireless types so you can freely move it around your face.

4. Nail Clipper

For some people, nails hint at how clean you are with your body since it’s one of the easier parts to overlook. When buying nail clippers, opt for stainless or carbon steel because they make a good punch.

You can also look for ones with good grips to keep the lines straight when you cut excess nail and to prevent accidents.

5. Scissors

The right hair cutting scissors can help you look your best by allowing you to make refinements to your mane. If you’re in the market for a pair, select one with beveled edges and a grip that you are comfortable holding, especially if you’re new to haircutting.

6. Straight-Edge Razor

Grooming for men also involves shaving for that clean and classic look polite society approves of. This is why a straight-edge razor is a man’s best friend in the beard taming or shaping department.

Choose a razor made of good quality steel and with a nice handle you can grip well. Aside from the blade, you should also look for honing steel you can sharpen it with and a leather strop to remove any microscopic metal shavings from when you sharpen it.

7. Shampoo

Shampoos help you clean your hair by removing dust and detritus from its strands. You must pick the right one for your hair type—moisturizing for dry hair and oil control shampoos for oily ones.

8. Conditioner

You don’t have to shampoo your hair every day, especially if your hair is dry. But if you enjoy bathing every single day, you can at least moisturize it with a conditioner. Get a conditioner with gentle ingredients to make sure no nasty chemicals cause hair loss.

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9. Beard Oil

close up photo of beard oil on table | Grooming Kit For Men: Essentials You Should Have | mens grooming kit | grooming kit for men

Keep your beard well-groomed with the help of beard oil.

Your beard also needs some tender loving care like your hair. Beard oil helps you manage beard frizz and liven your facial hair with some gloss and fragrance.

10. Facial Scrub

As men age, they lose the suppleness of their skin and the glow that makes them look youthful. We can chalk it up to habits and the bias against taking care of ourselves—but that attitude has to go.

One of the first things we need to learn is how to exfoliate our skin if skincare has yet to be a routine. Exfoliation removes any dead skin cells or grime on the surface layer of the skin and reveals a younger skin underneath.

Buy a facial scrub in the market—just make sure you go for something without any harsh chemicals in it.

11. Moisturizer

If your skin is dry, moisturize daily. A moisturizer keeps your skin supple and looking younger.

A moisturizer also protects your skin from wrinkles since these can happen due to long bouts of dryness.

12. Cleanser

A skin cleanser removes deep-seated dirt from your skin, so you get a cleaner look. While it also removes skin irritants that cause blemishes, choose one with natural ingredients since harsh chemicals can irritate your mug, too.

13. Beard Balm

In case you want to add more volume to your beard, you should get a beard balm. It puffs up your beard and gives it the sort of bravado that 19th-century kings and generals sport in their portraits.

14. Styling Mousse

Hair gel and hairspray may contain harsh chemicals, and these substances can sap your hair of its moisture and leave it vulnerable to breakage. Your best bet for hair styling products in your grooming kit for men is a mousse.

Use it sparingly to prop up your hair and give it a fuller look.

15. Shaving Cream

A shaving cream preps the hair on your face so they’re more pliant for removal. They also offer themselves as must-haves for men’s grooming kits because they minimize the chance for skin irritation.

16. Aftershave

Men buy aftershaves for their men’s travel grooming kit to quickly give their faces a boost of freshness and prevent skin irritation post-shaving. Remember to buy aftershaves without chemical fragrances that can irritate your skin.

17. Tweezers

A single renegade hair can ruin your best look and call out to itself by being the single strand going against the direction of the others. It’s why several men’s grooming kits supply you with tweezers, so you can work on removing that single misaligned hair or even work on your eyebrows.

Men’s grooming kits transform men from unkempt, sorry pictures of themselves into one who can stride into any situation with full confidence. You should invest in your health and wellness by assembling the best men’s grooming kit today.

Including these items and some more like hair growth remedies.

What stuff do you have in your men’s grooming kit? Give us insights into what actual products you use by writing your answer in the comments section below.

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