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How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed Every Time

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There are a lot of ways to satisfy a woman sexually—and no, it doesn’t depend on your penis size. Here are some quick tips to please a woman in bed.

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In this article:

  1. Tease Her Before Going to Bed
  2. Explore and Caress Her Body From Head to Toe
  3. Kiss Passionately
  4. Go Down on Her
  5. Fulfill Her Fantasies with Costume and Props
  6. Play with Some Adult Toys
  7. Be Romantic Before, During, and After Sex
  8. Be a Little Bit Rough If It Turns Her On
  9. Compliment Her Performance Too

How to Make a Woman Orgasm | 9 Easy Tips on How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

1. Tease Her Before Going to Bed

If you want to satisfy her in bed, you have to spend time giving her mind and body attention before you have sex.

If you know you’ll see each other tonight, pick up your phone and start sending her steamy text messages. Tell her about a fantasy you have of her or a time you remember her looking seductive.

Sexting during the day is a great way to arouse her and engage her in a steamy conversation. You’ll also get extra points for confidently making a bold move and leading the conversation.

Teasing through texts and building anticipation can make your sexy encounter later on all the more explosive.

2. Explore and Caress Her Body from Head to Toe

Another tip to satisfy a woman in bed is to explore and caress her body slowly.

Take your time and make full use of your lips and mouth for gentle kisses, nibbles, and softly blowing on her skin to see how she reacts. Touch her lightly with your fingertips.

From her chest to her inner thighs, drag your fingers along the terrain of her body, taking special care not to ignore her hips and stomach. Work your way down slowly, paying attention to every supple curve of her silky skin and how her body responds.

Use your mouth, tongue, and hands to kiss and nibble your way around. Watch her breathing and look for positive reactions like pulling at the sheets, throwing her head back, sighs or moans of pleasure, or even a slight shiver running through her body.

If you have facial hair be gentle, stubble can scrape and irritate the skin of intimate areas like the mouth and vagina. To further guide you, here’s a list of a woman’s erogenous zones.

You better know this map like the back of your hand:

  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Breasts
  • Butt
  • Inner Thigh
  • Vagina

3. Kiss Passionately

Helping a woman to reach orgasm is your goal. To do this, don’t limit yourself to foreplay and penetration; you also have to romance her in the most intimate way there is—kissing.

Show her how special she is and how much you want her by kissing her passionately. Add some action to the kissing with your tongue, but pay attention.

If she doesn’t like tongue she may back away or close her mouth slightly, which should signal you to stick to using your lips. Involve her whole body while kissing by grabbing her butt and caressing her face.

Hold her tightly and close your eyes. There is nothing stranger than being kissed by someone who stares at you that closely.

4. Go Down on Her

Oral sex is a great way to get her to orgasm or even have multiple orgasms!

Since a lot of men don’t spend adequate time on foreplay, women report having trouble reaching climax through penetration or vaginal stimulation alone.

Often, your lips, tongue, and fingers prove more effective and successful than your penis.

Don’t attack her clitoris with your mouth. The clitoris is twice as sensitive as the head of a penis, which means overstimulation from the hands or mouth can turn pleasure into pain.

Try using your tongue and fingers at the same time. Deliver even, medium pressure strokes with your tongue directly to her clitoris while penetrating her with your fingers slowly.

If done right and for a good amount of time, oral stimulation will get her ready for penetration and increase her chances of orgasm. She may even climax from this kind of stimulation.

Now, it’s important to take your time in figuring out how she likes it—try different ways of teasing and stimulating her clitoris and listen for her cues. Pay attention and take your time.

If you’re not sure where to put your mouth, just remember—all of the important stuff as at the top of the vagina and spelling the alphabet with your tongue is an excellent strategy to start with!

5. Fulfill Her Fantasies with Costume and Props

husband and wife doing sexy role play | How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed Every Time | how to satisfy a woman in bed | how to satisfy her

Roleplaying is an excellent form of foreplay for some women, give it a try.

You can also try dressing up as someone straight out of her fantasies. Put some effort into your costume and props and start roleplaying steamy scenes that spice things up in bed.

Either she wants to be punished or wants to be pleased, it’s all up to you to direct her sexual arousal.

To give you an idea of what costume and props to prepare, some common fantasies women often think about in bed are listed below. Don’t feel limited, though—ask your partner about what she wants.

Who knows? She might be into some lost-pizza-delivery-boy-meets-lonely-housewife action!

  • Topless nerdy professor with eyeglasses and a necktie
  • Police officer with a baton
  • Sexy male stripper
  • Fireman willing to dominate her doggy style

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6. Play with Some Adult Toys

If you want her to beg for more, you can always seek the support of adult toys. While you can do the work with your tongue, lips, and fingers, there are ways adult toys can make a woman go crazy and reach orgasm faster (especially if she’s used to masturbating with them).

You can use the toys as you explore and caress her body or even as you go down on her. Both scenarios can actually make her want more of you.

She may even reach down and rub her clitoris while you are stimulating her with a toy. Consider this a massive compliment, it takes a lot of bravery to masturbate in front of your partner which means she’s crazy about you!

Some men may feel hesitation toward using adult toys because they feel emasculated, but doing your best to satisfy your woman often means dealing with uncharted territory. Using toys gives you all of the power to please your woman in many different ways.

Her pleasure is in your hands, and there is nothing more masculine than taking control of pleasing your woman.

7. Be Romantic Before, During, and After Sex

Every woman loses interest in a man who ignores her right after sex. If you want to please her physically and emotionally, be there for her even after sexual intercourse.

Showering her with romance and attention after sex is like giving her an orgasm for her emotions. You can be the big spoon and cuddle her with kisses and hugs.

You are also more likely to have sex multiple times in the same night if you keep things romantic before and after sex.

8. Be a Little Bit Rough If It Turns Her On

Knowing when to be gentle and when to be rough is a big factor in satisfying a woman in bed. While some women claim they want a gentle sex partner who showers them with attention, there are also women who want to step it up and secretly desire rough, passionate, or even aggressive sexual experiences.

Of course, you don’t just go hard out of nowhere. Ask her if she wants things more gentle or rough.

You have to set the mood and let her body language tell you that it’s time to take the experience up a notch. Always check if she’s comfortable before going full-on Basic Instinct and check-in along the way.

9. Compliment Her Performance, Too

Just because you’ve learned how to satisfy a woman in bed doesn’t mean you have to let it get to your head. Set your ego aside.

Remember, she always comes first; her needs and her wants in bed must always be your priority if you want a happier relationship and a steamier sex life. Compliment her and tell her how much it turned you on when she did something particularly pleasurable for you, too.

Guys aren’t big on pillow talk and emotional intimacy, but it does have its time and place.

To keep your sex life alive, you have to take good care of your woman’s needs and wants in bed. Find out what her preferences are before you start trying out these tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Be a man and discover ways to satisfy your wife or girlfriend first before she satisfies you. Fuel her desire by being the key to her orgasm.

Once she feels satisfied and fulfilled, she will give you what you deserve in bed.

Women are notorious for being generous in bed. If you take excellent care of her sexually, you will reap the rewards.

Most importantly, always ask your partner if what you’re doing is okay. If their response is anything but a resounding “yes,” stop what you are doing and figure out a new game plan.

Did we miss anything on our list on how to satisfy a woman in bed? Tell us in the comments section below!

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