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13 Best Sex Positions For Pregnancy

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These sex positions for pregnancy will help you continue your unbridled love-making while expecting. It’s not a question of, “Can you have sex while pregnant?” It’s a matter of how your sex life is going to be, thanks to these pregnancy sex positions.

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The Hottest and Safest Sex Positions for Pregnancy

1. Foreplay and Use of Sex Toys

Sex during pregnancy should revolve around your partner’s comfort level. Depending on the trimester your pregnancy is in, some areas in your partner’s body become more sensitive in preparation for the birth of the baby.

You should think of pregnant sex as a period of exploration into what pleases your partner as she transforms into a mother. Instead of going penetration first, take things slowly by engaging in extended foreplay and increasing her sex drive.

Your primary goal should be to stimulate, tease, titillate, and see where you get the most pleasurable reaction. A sex toy can aid you in maximizing your partner’s pleasure.

2. Cunnilingus

Nothing speaks louder of love and acceptance than oral sex during pregnancy.

Your partner may have self-esteem issues while her body changes to accommodate the baby. Stimulating one of her points of insecurity can have a positive and sexy psychological effect, aside from making her moan.

To do this, you can ask her to sit down while you use your tongue to stimulate her labia and tease her clitoris.

3. Dual Masturbation

Who says masturbation should only be done when you’re alone? You can please each other in equal measure by handing each other the reins in terms of how to handle your genitals and how fast your strokes are.

4. The Doggie

If the baby bump already gets in the way of your thrusts, you can prop several pillows together, ask her to go on all fours, and take her from behind.

The doggie serves both of you best while her belly isn’t too big and heavy yet. Make sure you watch how deep you go since you might hit her cervix if you go all the way.

5. Spooning

Spooning combines the affirming embrace from behind with preggo sex, and this is why some women think it’s one of the best sex positions for pregnancy.

Cradle your partner while you’re both lying down and facing the same side, and then enter her from the rear. To make it a tad more sizzling, use your free hand to rub her clit as you thrust.

6. Woman on Top

Allow your partner to dictate how much satisfaction she’ll get from the pregnant sex by straddling on top of you. You can spread your legs wider apart for better access and just let her move as she wants.

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7. Reverse Cowgirl

You can find yourself a nice incline and let her sit on your penis while facing away from you. A lot of women enjoy this during pregnant sex since it hits all the right spots without straining their hands or placing too much weight on her knees.

8. Facing the Wall

Pregnant couple in love standing in their country house in loft style | Best Sex Positions For Pregnancy | sex during pregnancy

Pregnant couples can still enjoy intimate and pleasurable sex with safe pregnancy sex positions.

Ask your partner to stand in front of a wall and put both of her palms on the surface for better balance. You can then enter her from the back while holding her hips for better thrusting.

9. Anal

Since it won’t be hitting her cervix, obstetricians generally rule anal sex as one of the safer sex positions for pregnancy. Just make sure your partner’s bowel movements are in good order since pregnant women are prone to constipation.

10. The Scissors Position

You can ask your partner to lie down in bed, raise and support her leg, and enter her exposed vagina. The blood from her leg will rush down to her pubis and give her the extra sensation when you push into her.

11. Table or Edge of the Bed Sex Positions for Pregnancy

The missionary can heave pressure on her belly, so it’s better to avoid going for this standard position. If you miss being on top, you can gently pull her to the edge of the bed, and you can do all the work while standing.

12. Side by Side Sex Position

No one has to be top or bottom when you do this pregnant sex position. Lie down on your sides facing each other, have her straddle one of her legs on top of yours, and thrust while looking deep into her eyes.

13. The Leap Frog

Should you both want to do a doggie but her belly’s far too heavy for it, you can ask her to lie face down on the bed while propping her butt a little higher for better reach. You can go in from behind like in a normal doggie.

Orgasm Contractions Post-Pregnant Sex

It’s normal for women to experience contractions after sex when they are pregnant because oxytocin is released when she reaches orgasm. The contractions should resolve after a few hours but if they don’t and cause vomiting, excess vaginal discharge, or fetal movements, it’s time to see your doctor.

Oxytocin Definition: The hormone released when the body gets excited

These sex positions for pregnancy will allow you to continue having greater intimacy in the bedroom and sex life during an exciting time in your relationship. Give these a try and satisfy you and your partner’s sexual needs, even with one on the way.

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Have you ever had pregnant sex? What position did you try, and how did you find it? Give us your tips in the comments section below.

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