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9 Grooming Tips To Make Your Hair Look Thicker and Fuller

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Grooming is key to thicker, fuller hair. Read on for these easy to follow tips that will help you achieve just that.

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In this article:

  1. Keep Hair Clean
  2. Use the Right Thickening Products
  3. Avoid Combs
  4. Avoid Smoking
  5. Use Cool Wind for Hair Drying
  6. Protect Your Scalp
  7. Be Gentle
  8. Get A Suitable Haircut
  9. Take Vitamins
    1. Why Do Men’s Hair Thin Out?
    2. Hair Loss Types

9 Ways to Thicker and Fuller Hair

1. Keep Hair Clean

On how to make thin hair look thicker: simply keep it clean. Unwashed hair that is greasy and dirty tends to clump together and look limp and flat.

Limp and flat hair can make thinning hair even more visible. Because of this, it’s better to keep your hair clean so it can look thicker.

Look for shampoos and conditioners which don’t contain chemicals like triethanolamine (TEA), diethanolamine (DEA), and parabens. These chemicals are harsh and can damage your already sensitive scalp and brittle hair.

Also avoid using hot water to wash your hair because it dries out the scalp and hair. Opt for warm water instead.

2. Use the Right Thickening Products

There are many hair care products out there which specifically work to make thin hair look thicker. These thickening products consist of polymers which help plump up the hair shaft in order to make them look fuller and thicker.

  • Gel and wax are popular styling agents for men. While they work great for thick hair, they only tend to weigh down thinning hair.
  • Hair mousse is a good product for those with thinner hair. This is because it adds lift to the hair, making it look like it has more volume.
  • Styling paste is another option, and its texture is somewhere between a hair cream and pomade. It gives a light hold but doesn’t result in clumps or grease.
  • A sea salt spray is a good natural hair styling product for thinning hair as well. While great for boosting hair volume, users should be careful of overexposure as saltwater can dry out the hair and cause them to be brittle.

3. Avoid Combs

Looks like it’s time to put those combs away. The constant brushing and combing can lead to thin hair looking limper because the comb distributes oils faster throughout your hair.

Instead of using combs or brushes to style hair, opt to use fingers instead. It gives hair more lift and thickness, but in a more natural way.

4. Avoid Smoking

Studies show a correlation between smoking and hair loss. Besides damaging the hair follicles’ DNA, smoking also induces an imbalance in the follicular systems that control the hair growth cycle.

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5. Use Cool Wind for Hair Drying

In the same way how hot water can damage hair, using hot air to dry your hair can also inflict damage. Hair-blowing with hot hair tends to damage the natural proteins of the hair, making it brittle and prone to breaking.

Remedy this by using the cool setting on your hair blower.

6. Protect Your Scalp

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Protecting the sensitive scalp from harsh natural elements

Keeping your scalp exposed to the elements can also be a recipe for hair damage and hair loss. Exposure to excessive sunlight should also be avoided, as a sunburned scalp can cause the hair follicles to go into a shedding phase.

7. Be Gentle

Take extra care of your hair, especially when after getting out of a shower. Wet hair is three times weaker than dry hair, and is more susceptible to breakage and damage, especially when assaulted with a towel.

Air drying is the best option as it causes no pressure on the hair. Patting instead of rubbing it dry is also gentle enough to avoid damage.

8. Get A Suitable Haircut

Many people deal with balding by attempting to cover it up with longer hair. But the reality is, this is not as flattering as simply embracing it with shorter haircuts.

Men who have less visible hair loss can pull off longer haircuts by disguising receding hairlines as partings. Stylists can also create the illusion of volume by strategic layering.

Classic, short cuts make thin hair look thicker, and draws the attention away from the hair loss, and to your facial features. Talk to your stylist for a style personalized to your needs, features, and hair texture.

9. Take Vitamins

Taking vitamins can help keep thinning hair healthy, and in some cases may even slow down hair loss. Popular hair vitamins include the following:

  • Pantothenic Acid – Also called vitamin B5, it’s popular for use in hair health. Studies even show it helps hair loss and hair greying in a sample population of subjects undergoing hormonal changes.
  • Biotin – A water-soluble B-vitamin which is a popular supplement not only for hair but also for nails
  • Vitamin B6 – A.K.A pyridoxine; which helps in the creation of red blood cells which carry nutrients to the hair follicle
  • Vitamin B12 – A deficiency in this vitamin negatively impacts hair quality

Why Do Men’s Hair Thin Out?

Men are more likely to have thinning hair. Up to 25% of men under the age of 30 start noticing significant thinning, and this rises up to 60% in men at the age of 50.

Reasons for thinning hair include:

  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Poor diet
  • Iron deficiency
  • Unhealthy Hair Styling/Hair Products

Hair Loss Types

  • Telogen Effluvium – A type of hair loss triggered by a stressful event on the body, like a high fever or a severe illness. In most cases, it is only temporary. Hair follicles all enter a collective resting phase and fall out, causing visible thinning.
  • Alopecia Areata – Caused by extreme stress, this type of hair loss involves the immune system attacking hair follicles. This results in hair loss.
  • Trichotillomania – This is the urge to pull out hair from various parts of your own body, like the eyebrows and scalp. It’s usually a reaction to feelings of anxiety, tension, boredom, or loneliness.

Hair loss is an inevitable part of aging, and embracing it is key to exuding self-confidence. Staying healthy and keeping good lifestyle habits can positively affect our relationship with hair loss, and even help slow it down a little bit.

Keeping these styling tips in mind can help keep thinning hair look voluminous and presentable, and boost your self-esteem. Keep in mind though, it’s not always the hair that makes the man!

What are the styling tips you swear by for thinning hair? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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